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How do i know my child whos is 7years and 9mnths old has ADD-ADHD Problem.

I have been reading abt it. So i want to know what are the true symptons of a child who is suffering ADD and ADHD.
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A couple would be hyperactivity and an inability to focus for any length of time. But these traits are not necessarily ADD. Sometimes it just has to do with a developmental stage.
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They need to have these in two or more settings.  Like for instance say they cannot sit still at home, but can other places, that is not necessarily ADD/ADHD.  
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I varies from kid to kid, but here are some symptoms:

Trouble following directions
excessive talking at times
likes excitement/sweets/sodas/movies
trouble with concentration/attention/focus
trouble getting what people say/poor listener
poor organization skills
temper tantrums/arguing
easily bored with things (poor stimulation)
trouble with homework/schoolwork
running off in the store a lot
easily distracted
poor sense of time

There's a behavior assessment here:

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Many of the traits you mention can be attributed to excess sugar intake.
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The trouble is that you treat (help/work with) a child with excessive sugar intake very differently than a child with ADHD.  So it is important to find out what is causing the problem.
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Yes, that's true. I just feel the sugar situation should be investigated (which doctors don't do) when making a diagnosis. There were two sugar kids in my vast extended family and for a while one lived with me. There wasn't much in terms of sweets in our house, but she would prowl around at night finding whatever she could. It is a real addiction. When she ultimately got off sugar there was a big change in her personality.
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some say that artificial colors (food dyes) increase hyperactivity in kids.
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The trick is to read all food labels carefully and not buy anything with chemical additives or undesirable ingredients (e.g., high-fructose corn syrup).
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There are many things that look like add and adhd.Take a look at these sites .These are things that every parent and adult should look into before they use drugs that can cause very bad side effects .And to make sure they are getting the  right help needed.


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  Two good sites!  Thank you.
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i was diagnosed with add at a young age and was put on all kinds of meds all of them at one point or another i just didn't take them i would for a week and then stop.  i wish i would have followed through when i was young because i did terrible at school had no memory constantly forgeting things and had very low self esteem.  i ended up self medicating for 15 yeaars alcohol heroin crack coke ex you name it i did because i didn't like myself now it is 15 years later im 30 and clean and trying to deal with it now its been a awful ride and im sure all the drugs i did where alot worse than ritalin or adderall. i take vyvanse and klonopin for anxiety and every day is a struggle i have 2 kids and dead end job and im jealous of my girlfriend cause everything comes so easy to her.  they say people with add are more likely to be addicts or alcoholics because we are just self medicating at least thats what happened to me.
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