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How do you ask without feeling dumb?

My boyfruend and my grandmother and I have always wondered if I had ADD.  My grandmother was never treated but she is sure that she has ADD and my mother and I are very similar to her.  I'm just afraid of asking my doc and treated like a flake.  My boyfriend and I have been together 6 years and he says he can see the signs and we have a son and are concerned that IF i do have it that he might too.  Here's my problems...

*constantly distracted
*spacey and daydreaming often
*too many thoughts at once and skips around to different thoughts in my head
*chronic lateness
*poor short term memory
*14 jobs in 10 years get bored quickly with jobs and hobbies
*sense of impending doom
*obsessive thoughts, I'll think of something and cannot get the thought out of my head sometimes for days.
*have a hard time listening while people talk I drift off and start daydreaming
even while driving I will daydream and have to really focus on paying attention.
*have been "chatterbox" or "dreamer" since elementary school.
*easily bored, I will read the same sentence 10 times unless its something really suspenseful/ exciting type book.

Does this sound like ADD or just someone thats kind of flakey?  Please help.  :)
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haha not flakey.   but it sounds like ADHD as well as OCD.   Im guessing due to your anxiety about talking to a doctor that there is some neglect in your past.    
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hello love,yes it does sound somewhat like ocd, but not enough to be treated as ocs more like A.D..D because i have a.d.d and im exactly what you described ,If you feel hyper in a way you cannot sit still in a movie theatre or something that is suspensfull it may be classified as a.d.h.d ,
I definetly think you should go to the doctor for it,
I did and at first i felt drugged at the first day,
but the second day i took it again!!
and you would not belive it,you feel as if normal like everyone else.
u can actually concentrate for more than a minute or two..for me more than 10 seconds!! haha

do not feel dumb just dont tell anyone ..unless they ask
you will thank yourself so much once you use adderoll
or another drug,adderoll is what i am taking!

glad to help,god bless,
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well from my personal expeirience try concerta or ritalin (same thing) first before adderall.    I have taken all three and i felt horrible on adderall.   But don't just listen to what i have said, look at all of the posts on this site adderall seems to have much more adverse side effects.
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thank you all for your advice, I really appreciate it.  I do have some trepidation about talking to a doctor.  I worry that I'm just overreacting.  I don't think that it would be the A.D.H.D one though.  I'm quite the opposite of hyper.  I tend to lack motivation and usually when doing projects I'll have a strong start but lose interest pretty quickly.  But I guess the only way I'll find out is to go and ask.  Thank you again!  :)
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you dont have to be hyper to have adhd
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I've always found my own docs to be very open and non-stereotyping when I see them about my ADHD.  It seems obvious that the symptoms you are experiencing are bothersome to you.  I can't tell you whether or not what you are experiencing IS or IS NOT add/adhd, but I can say that if it is, a working relationship with your doctor is crucial.  I hope you do take the next step and hope to hear from you with good news!
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My son is ADD.  He's 17.  I'm still learning about this.  A real eye opening experience was reading the book "Answers to Distraction".  It's by Edward m Hallowell.  I bought it on Amazon, for around $10.00.
It starts off giving a list of characteristics of ADD.  
It offers insight into the life of a someone with ADD.
It talks about motivation to find the "right job" for someone with ADD.
This summer, when there is time, I'm sitting down my son that doesn't like to read and discuss parts of this book.
It's a good book, because you don't have to read it from beginning to end, just open it up and read the question and Dr's response.  Very clear in explanations.
Good luck!  Don't be shy!  Reach out to Dr, friends, etc  You'll be surprised how many people know what you are experiencing through their own lives.
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I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in 2006 then diagnosed with ADD in 2007. No, it's not an overambitious doc trying to get me on a bunch of med's. It proven that several of ADD symptoms are similiar to manic symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. That is why SO MANY people go undiagnosed when they have ADD. I am not saying this is the case for you but that it's very important to see a GOOD psychiatrist before you decide to take medication. How do you know whether or not a psychiatrist is good? They will spend as much time with you as you need in order to assess the symptoms. They will NOT just take you in on your first visit, scribble something in your file and then head for the prescription tablet.

I was misdiagnosed with clinical depression in 2003. I was not clinically depressed but rather I have Bipolar Disorder. How did the psych misdiagnose me? I look back now and know how she misdiagnosed. When I came in the first time I was severley depressed. But over my life I was not ALWAYS severley depressed. Rather, my life was a rollercoaster. Up and down and never predictable of which way my mind was going. Those around me, family and friends, labeled me as moody, impatient, irritable, rude, and always told me they never knew how I was going to act with or react to them.

Those same people that called me all the things I listed above also called me, highly intelligent, creative, courageous, out of the box thinker, ambitious, etc. How could I be all those things at once...welcome to my world of Bipolar Disorder.  Read my post titled ----Adderall is my dosage too high or too low---I write about the ups and downs and also my path to finding out I have ADD. Sure it's not a story in its entirity...but this forum only allows an 8000 character max...  :(  If you want to know more about ADD, OCD, Bipolar, etc...The internet is has a ridiculous amt of info.  You proabaly already knew that. I don't agree with those that say possibly OCD. But I am not a doc. I say I don't agree b/c my Aunt has OCD and once she was diagnosed I did my research...I mean I really did my research. The symptoms you listed sound nothing like OCD. Check out these websites:

http://www.helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_adult_symptoms.htm  (ADULT ADD)

http://www.ldac-taac.ca/InDepth/adhd_07-e.asp   (ADD FACT SHEET)

http://www.acbr.com/fas/ADHDLIKE.HTM  (WHAT'S IT LIKE TO HAVE ADD?)

http://borntoexplore.org/addexp~1.htm  (POSITIVE TRAITS OF ADD)  

http://www.findyourcoach.com/ADD-blessing.htm  (ADD, BLESSING OR DISORDER)

http://www.adhdrelief.com/famous.html  (FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO HAVE ADD)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_believed_to_have_been_affected_by_bipolar_disorder  (FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER)

http://www.healthcentral.com/adhd/c/1443/13716/addadhd-statistics/  (ADD IN CHILDREN STATISTICS)

Good luck!!!
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