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I have a six year-old and I really think that be may have ADD or ADHD....but I don't know? I'm actually pretty sure he does...but I'm afraid to bring him to the doctor and say I think my six year old has add. Is it too early to tell? And if he is diagnosed...do I put him on meds or try other methods first. I am really, really stressed out all the time b/c of his actions, he is so smart and just will not sit and concentrate on his homework....he can not sit still for literally five minutes, he constitaly has to be moving or talking. I am also 39 weeks pregnant and I am scared to death that he may be alot worse after the baby comes!!! ANY ADVICE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!
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I chose to take my sons to a behavioral spec. for a full evaluation instead of the doc for meds. They were tested academically(IQ, cognetive, language, ect), emotionally, and attention span in different situations. This way I knew what problems to address first. Ask the school social worker who she would suggest. The spec.gave us in depth advise on how to help them. That is one thing the psyciatrist did not.
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Would you mention some of the advise the specialist gave you?
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Yes could you mention some advice the specialist gave you?... And thank you I would much rather take him to a specialist than anywhere that will just throw him on meds.
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Wow!  That's a lot going on at once.  As a Dad with a new baby in the house (now 5 months old), I can tell you it is probably going to get worse when you bring your new baby home.  But it might not be worse the way you imagine it.  My daughter has regressed quite a bit - just wanting more attention, wanting to be held, fed, and more.

There was also a brief time when she got very "energetic" because she was competing for attention.  BUT - it didn't last long and she is a great help.  It's just hard at the beginning - for us anyway.

That said - ADD - ADHD:  What makes you think your child has ADD?  Please be specific:

There are a lot of reasons / factors that could account for behavior that looks like ADHD / ADD (I use these terms interchangeably, but ADHD is the right term).

Advice re: meds would all depend on your personal beliefs and your child's behavior.  Medication is NOT the only answer, and it is NOT always the right answer.  That said - medication has shown to make a tremendous difference in helping relieve symptoms of ADHD.

Go with what Sandman2 said and get informed.  Read books.  Talk to other parents (like you are doing), and advocate for your child.  No one knows him better than you.

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