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I am new here

Hey guys this is my first time here and this is my first time as well really taking my ADHD problem seriously. Has anyone noticed burst of creativity and very in depth thoughts at times with ADHD?  My mind at times seems like its going in a million directions at once but the odd thing is it feels like controlled chaos in there. I ve noticed when I smoked pot for the first time my speech slowed down( i have stutter due to the fact I talk very fast at times) also I noticed that I can actually think and it surprises me what I come up with. Also I do not know if I suffer from OCD but is it possible that ADHD can manifest itself in the mind and give some of the symptoms of OCD?

On the ocd front I am not a checker,or ritual person. In the part I said about burst of creativity and what not I hope I did not come off as arrogant but thats the best way I can say it.
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p.s at times I found myself wanting to travel to places,just the act of traveling and once I get there,I want to go somewhere else.Is that a trait of ADHD
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    Welcome to the forum.  Please feel free to post if you have any more questions or suggestions for others.
    Creativity is (probably) one of the benefits of ADHD.  It is mentioned a lot in many articles.  I tend to think that since your mind is always going and looking for stimulus, that it is easier to "look outside the box".
   In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley on page 66 and 67, she talks about OCD.  Basically, she says,  "Compulsions are repetitive behaviors that serve the sole purpose of preventing or reducing anxiety."   Essentially, its your mind trying to cope with ADHD that is causing the compulsions.   Noticed you mentioned how smoking pot helped with some things.  That's called self-medication.  Unfortunately, it doesn't deal with the cause of the problem which is ADHD.
    On your last question about travel.  I've got ADHD friends who I travel with and its like traveling with a bunch of squirrels.  Its go here, no go there, now lets go here.  Does lead to some interesting places.  I think they bring me along just so someone prevents them from taking off on a 1000 mile side trip without a bit more planning.  Point being that with ADHD, ya don't always think twice (lack of filters).  You are probably a lot better at that now then when you were 16, but the impulses are still there.
   I am glad to hear that you are beginning to take your ADHD seriously.  By learning all you can about it, you can learn to make it a more normal part of your life. The book I mentioned above is a good over all one to buy cause its laid out by sections that make it easy to find information.
   I've got a lot of ADHD sites to share.  But you might want to start with  this one for just good overall info.  http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what
   Hope this helps a bit.  From your questions, I would say that you have a lot to learn about ADHD and I think that you will find it very helpful.  Best wishes.
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So when you say compulsions can ADHD make a phobia like I ve of HIV and syringes resemble the  thought process of OCD by repetitive thought about that phobia?
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  Ohhh, kind of thought that it was more ADHD related.   But the ADHD would make it more compulsive for you as your mind is always going. I bet you have trouble falling asleep at night?   I would think that having a healthy awareness of HIV is super important.  So, I think that the more information you have of HIV, the more secure you would feel and the compulsions should be less.   I mean I can remember the day when Magic first announced and they wouldn't even let him on the basketball court.  Today, its not even a problem.  
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Oh yes falling a sleep is a pain sometimes. In my mind three or four dj's are playing muisc,i m going over past and present things in my head,figuring out problems ect ect ect
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