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I have severe ADD myay. Now I am gonna ask him if he can add 20mg IR during the time

I have been taking 30mg of Adderrall instant twice a day forever. But with me being a supervisorI lneed a little more help. So I was thinking of asking my doctor to add 20 mg Adderrall instant twice a day to avoid those gaps of non focus. I really think that will help.
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I am sorry to take so long in answering, I have been on vacation.  

To answer your question, yes, that will help.  But, the trouble with the IR is the stronger hit at release time.  Not to mention the cost of many pills.

I would look into extended release.  Or an even better solution might be Vyvanse.  It lasts longer then XR and has a smoother release.

Hope this helps.  Please post if you need any more info.
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