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I might have ADHD

ok, so last week I went to my councilor (first session) about depression issues and at one point she said I might have ADHD, and that I would have to see my family doctor about that. I didn't ask why then, but now my wondering why. I've come up with 2 reasons. one because she might not be qualified, and/or to get testing done to rule other things out. I'm fine with the first reason, but can anyone tell me what type of things they might be trying to rule out.
thanks :-)
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A psychiatrist is who diagnosed my son and wrote his prescriptions for ADHD. when we first went to family Dr. they referred us there. go to psychiatrist, because they will be the ones who can figure out if it's ADHD, depression, bipolar, anxiety ect ect...
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Depression per se is not ADHD, and school counselors are not qualified to diagnose you. You are best seeing a psychiatrist or a competent psychologist for your problem. Your  family doctor is more apt to give you a pill instead of an informed evaluation.
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just to clarify I never said depression is adhd, nor did I mean to imply it. and councilors aren't just school councilors. heck I'm not even in school anymore. the councilor I see is part of the local/province health organization, who I was referred to after an initial intake session (to see where I should go see).
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In the US----  only a medical doctor can prescribe medication.  A therapist can provide talk therapy but not medication and that is why a counselor would tell you that you also need to see your doctor.  I would say that for either adhd or depression that a psychiatrist would be the best to diagnose and treat you and remember . . . that the combination of medication along with talk therapy works best for depression and anxiety.  good luck
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