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My 15 year old daughter is just now being analyzed for ADD.  When she was 8 a teacher casually mentioned to me that she may be ADD.  I was uneducated about ADD at the time, and just thought although very intelligent, she was a daydreamer. Throughout the years, she has struggled at school and at home with difficult and simple tasks.  She is now being evaluated by her doctor and at school.  The two teachers at school, to my suprise, dont feel the same way I do.  I feel that the questionaires the teachers filled out were more for grade school aged children rather than high school aged children.  My daughter tends to appear shy around adults she doesn't know well, I feel these teachers are not able to accurately answer these questions since they have not been able to spend an adequate amount of time with her.  My daughter is very intelligent and is becoming very frustrated with all aspects of her life and is starting to feel like college is no longer an option for her.  If the doctor decides not to treat her for ADD, are there any other options for her?  
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The problem with ADD when its the non hyperactive type is that it can go unnoticed for a long time-- especially in girls.

There are specific tests that a dr will give to your daughter, along with the questionnaire information, that will help lead to a diagnosis. So good for you for taking the first step.

Next thing after the evaluation --- if you don't agree with the results, go seek a second opinion. If you do agree, you might want a second opinion anyway.

If your daughter is unhappy, counseling is a good idea regardless of what the root cause is.

Overall, bravo for your for fighting for your daughter's best interest.
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And its never too late-- you're doing the right thing.
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its never to late, I was diagnosed at 39 amy my daughters did nt start treatment untill 15 and 17 years of age, my youngest daughter was the same as yours, homework was a nightmare, frustration levels and ust giving up, but neither of my girls was hyperactive, this condition is often not recognised in girls/women for this reason, get her assed it made such a difference to my girls both went from getting by to being A students, my youngest would try anything to have a day of school if there was a subject she did not like, now its the other way around, she will not miss school because there is a test.  my youngest has just started college (In Australia college is year 11) and to my surprise is doing advanced level maths and getting A's.  Y one regret is not knowing about this condition and not recognising it sooner, school would of been that much easier for them.
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I agree that you may need to push the issue. I am 27 years old and still fighting for a diagnosis. I have been treaded for manic depression, bipolar and personality disorder, all since the age 13. I didn't think I had ADD until about a year or so ago. Now its too late. As a child and teen I was a brain. A straight A student, also dreamy and bored, which lead me to skipping school, boys, and the wrong friends. Since then, I get all the good jobs, then quit after 6 months. I cant keep a relationship, no patience for anyone, road rage, you name it. I have been treated with countless antidepressants and antianxiety meds which dont work. I have become very frustrated with my life and began to self medicate.Now the docs wont help me at all. ADD is horrible to live with when you dont understand it and you cant get help. You wonder why you make the wrong choices, cant control your emotions, and it takes a major toll on your self esteem. Do the research yourself, quiz her and compare symptoms on different disorders.  You know your daughter better than anyone. Dont let her go thru life undiagnosed.
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