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Is my daughter adhd

My almost 7 year old daughter had some difficulties going into and throughout kindergarten we put her in at almost five she did fine academically but maturity wasn't there and she would get up and walk away while they were working on stuff, have to go to the bathroom alot and blurt out during class. We put her in kinder again for a second year. This year she has done extremely well academically I can hand her her  homework packet and she will sit there and do the whole thing without help her maturity has improved btu she was in trouble alot. She is very loving second child. She can sit still for hours and color or I will have her read to me she can watch movies play video games play with her barbies work on flash cards and sit through dinner no problem we even went to the nail salon and she sat there without fidgeting for a half hour waiting for her turn. She is well behaved at home but constantly in trouble at school. She gets her work done but talks to much tries to tell the other kids "they're doing their work wrong" and has to go to the bathroom alot and blurts out...I have noticed when it comes to other children she will hug and hold them alot (their hands almost controlling) at home trere are times when we have to repeat things 'casue she doesn't listen but there are other times she has no problem repeating what we said.
Is this a cry for attention cause she doesn't get enough attention or is it adhd? We met with the specialist and he said "it could be adhd" and told us of drugs. No one in our family has been diagnosed adhd. she acts up at church too. I thought it could've been boredom 'cause she did kinder again but then during summer she was kicked out of her summer program where they are bored for pushing a boy who got her out at hand ball and then trying to leave and when made to come back kicked the leader ( later we found out that she was mad cause she liked the boy and wanted to hug him and he wouldn't hug her).
Is it adhd or is there some type of impulsive disorder?
At a loss at what to do don't want to put a bandaid (drugs) on the problem but also don't want her to become discouraged.
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   I wouldn't panic yet.  It sounds like she was a little young for kindergarten the first time (and if she entered when she was"almost 5". She was.
  She is the experienced one in the class now and sounds like she is trying to take a bit of control.  If you have an experienced teacher she will be able to handle the situation.  It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.  She exhibits very few of the classic signs of ADHD or ADD.  You might try talking with the teacher and seeing if she can find any kind of a "helping role" for her in the classroom-ie. if a new child comes in she helps them.  And you might try the same thing at home.
    At this point, I think you just want to keep communication open with the teacher, love your daughter, and give it  another month or so.
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Thank you very much. I am excited about trying that approach!
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Wise advice.
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