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Is this ADHD?

Hello Friends,
I would start from the beginning. When I was a child, I was always a little hyperactive and had a little low attention. But doing good on my grades. WhenI was in ninth grade and was about 14 years old I developed paranoia. Had non-bizzare delusions. Had cameras at home but no hallucination. Also got rejected by my friends. Serious social anxiety occured. During exams I had depression, sleep deprivation, stress, bad-diet. And then I totally lost my cognition. And a  period of Mania occured.
Went to a doctor, said, Schizophrenia. Then I was on some antipsychotic drugs - Olanzapine(Zyprexa) and Zuclopentixol (Clopixol). Then went to another doctor and said it was Delusional Disorder. I have a weird kind of crying. When someone talks about something, I start crying without reason. Risperidone (Risperdal). I was given SSRIs at times.
After getting involed in a non-profit internet work, my delusions were gone. It must have been the involvement that done that. I discontinued my medications then.
After developing psychosis again after a year, the Treatment continued with various doctors and I developed Shizoid Personality with antipsychotics. I was  given Venlafaxine(Effexor) , Mirtazapine (Remeron) and Again SSRIs.
Now the latest diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder. I then got hospitalised for aggression. I was on the drug Risperidone(Risperdal) for two months and also on Zuclopentixol (Clopixol) injections. And I developed social anxiety, poor attention and zero social skills.
After getting off the clinic, I self medicated to Risperidone(Risperdal), Clonazepam (Rivotril) and Mirtazapine (Remeron) at recommended dosage (And Zuclopentixol (Clopixol) injection) and feel good, and developed social skills, and social anxiety is less.
Heres what I am right now , I am agitated, hyperactive, low attentive and hear less.  And also have sexual dysfunction and anhedonia.
Now I am thinking about something. Is it ADHD? I always am ADHD type but not that insane. I am afraid of antipsychotics because they lower social performance and develope social anxiety. And I have no friends now.
What can be your diagnosis? Doctors wont give me enough time to discuss my whole life that I wrote here.
Thank You
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Five minutes is definitely not long enough to gain any insight into what may be causing you trouble. I think that doctors are too quick to perscribe medicine these days... have the doctors that put you on the medication been monitoring you regularly to see if the dosage needs to be lowered? or to see if there is another medication that may be better suited for you??
A behavioral psychologist is one that looks at your environment to see what can be changed to help with your troubles... they also look at your behavior and see what needs to be changed and how it can be changed in order to make your life more trouble free.  They can also perscribe medicine in combination with behavioral change.  
If you are paying these doctors, then you have the right to demand that they listen and take notes on how you feel! They should want to know how you feel!!! Its part of diagnosing you!  Be more demanding when you go back.  Tell the doctor that he or she will listen to you because he/she is obligated to!!!
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Some of what you say does sound like ADHD, but hallucinations are not a symptom of this disorder.  If you are paying these doctors for their time and expertise, then they should sit and listen to any and all details that you have that might help them better diagnose you....they cannot give a proper diagnosis without all the information!!  Find a BEHAVIORAL pyschologist to work with you; one that is willing to give you time!  What kind of doctor have you been seeing???
And remember that your thoughts have a big impact on what your reality will be.  Think positively and positive things will become :)  For instance:  Say to yourself, "I am a likable person," and you will see that others think so, too.
Hope this helps some
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Your comments were really helpful. Actually I see 5 minutes doctors. What is a behavioral psychologist? I had visited many psychologists, they give time but I wasn't able to share my feelings. They don't have any medicine reaction knowledge.

My thoughts don't help me much. I cant be a likable person if anti-psychotics lower my dopamine levels and make me a person with sub-zero social skills. I am a zombie.

I had never encountered any hallucinations. And that differs me from Schizophrenia. And I have Mania, which occurs sometimes. I don't know if ADHD patients have that.

I want to find the reason why I was Agitated and low attentive person from the day I was born.

What can be the suggestion from you guys of my disease be?

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They aren't monitoring me - they are just prescribing me anti-psychotics to find cure for everything. But anti-psychotics only after the psychoses, nothing else. I have no life right now.

I cant find any behavioral psychologists here - I searched - live in Bangladesh.

Thanks for your comments.
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  I can't tell if you have visited a psychiatrist yet - I am guessing you have because of all the meds that you have been put on.  I certainly hope its not a general md doing all of that.  Anyway, if you have not seen a psychiatrist - it certainly would be worth your time to do so.
  Two sites that you may want to check out.  Although they both deal with adult ADD, there is a lot of cross over.  And they do a great job of discussing all of the symptoms and effects of ADD.
   They are:

  Hope this helps answer some of your questions.
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