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Is this some kind of Midlife Crisis or still with ADHD?

I and my husband are together for more than 18 years now. Even if he has ADHD, he still manages to keep his job for a long period of time, and that will always be something I can really be proud of. Now that he's in his 40's everthing's changed. He gets jealous at times. He's not like that before, not like even close. I don't know what happen to us or is this something that I can blame his disorder. Some people go through this midlife crisis, right? What should I do?
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Hey there. Well, in terms of ad/hd, it is not unusual for your partner to be functioning quite well with a career and what not.  Most do. :>))  But his personality is changing a bit.  Is he on medication for the ad/hd? Anything change with that?  Is anything else going on such as stress?  Money worries?  Drinking more than before (or things like that)? What does he say when you talk about it with him?

Being jealous isn't a sign of add or a mid life crisis.  
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A change in medication could explain this.  Either starting a new one, changing dosage, or stopping a medication.  Has he done any one of these things?
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I think being jealous is not a symptom of adhd. It's best to ask him what could be his problem. It just requires a little time and understanding. There could be possible reason but are you already stopping his medication. ???
I agree to you. most or usually symptoms od adhd are impulsivity and hyperactivity. So it could be caused by something else which really reqiures talk.
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This is a hard!  I personally experienced with my dad a complete loss of normal thought when he legit had a midlife crisis.  Really, he was a totally different person and it wasn't for the better.  I think each person as they enter those years in which they start questioning everything that has ever happened, every choice they've made and every circumstance and realize that it's half over or more, they start to get introspective.  And if it were about fixing their flaws, great!  But it seems many (and women can go through this too) decide that they've made mistakes and been unhappy and NOW is the time to change it.  Could he be subconsciously trying to drive you away?  Could his mental health in general be declining?  These are possibilities. My dad's midlife crisis involved expensive Italian sunglasses, a new sports car and eventual affair.  Good times.  Very clichéd.  

Is he violent toward you or controlling?  And have you tried to talk to him about it?
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