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Jumps and Flap Hands

My 8 yr old had been diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. Along the way I noticed ( teacher too) some twitching wether it was watching tv or doing homework, but that was short lived thank God. Now it's something new...he jumps and flap his hands. He does this between homework breaks and playing with other kids. He says it makes him feel better and he can't help it. His current teacher say he stays seated throughout the period, but he daydreams during the lesson and is Not jumpy or antsy. At home he cannot keep still, but watching tv or on the iPad he can. It is difficult for him to verbally express himself fully so I cannot get a clear picture of the "how" and "what" he is actually feeling. His writing skills are the same, incomplete sentences, unable to write a paragraph on his own. So I am at a loss as to how to get into his head.

Question: Could this new physical display be something more than what it is? Will it go away like the twitch? Or will time tell. He has never been on any meds. Will meds keep him focused? Will meds exacerbate these current symptoms or create new ones?

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Your questions can only be answered competently by your son's pediatrician.  Regarding the uncontrollable body movements, this sounds more like obsessive/compulsive disorder or Tourette's syndrome.  Discuss these behaviors with your son's doctor.  
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   As you know (and have seen at home),  kids with ADHD have a difficult time staying still.  I think that at school he is doing his best (sounds like a great kid) to follow the rules, but when he gets a break - he needs to move!  In fact, as a teacher,  I would let kids with ADHD move as much as I could let them.  I would also think that at the end of the day, the more chance he has to move - the better he will feel.  He has got to be holding a lot in.
   Thus, I don't think that these are "twitches" that meds would make worse.  That might very well eliminate that problem.   The meds would certainly definitely help with his concentration problems.  (I have had kids go from C's to A's literally overnight once they started meds.)   And since school will only become more difficult (just wait till he starts improper fractions), and thus increase his own difficulties - I think that meds would be worth the try.
   But things to remember.  All meds (like kids) are different.  It can take a while of trial and error to find the right one and the right dose.  Thus, constant communication with your doctor is important at the start.  A doc should start him off on the lowest possible dose and then depending on your feedback decide what to do next.  So you are a very important part of this.
   More importantly, I just read a study that said, "the combination of low-level behavior modification and low doses of stimulant medication were as effective as high doses of stimulant medication or high levels of behavior modification used alone."  (http://www2.aap.org/sections/dbpeds/pdf/SODBPNewsletterSpring2011.pdf)  page 11.   So I definitely would be looking into behavior modification therapy.  
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   Opps, forgot to add that if you have any more questions about this or need more resources please ask.  Best wishes.
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I have discuss it with his pediatrician and neurologist and both were inconclusive responses. I have gotten more information/answers on this site plus a bunch of reading on my own. Like medications for ADHD, doctors too are trial and error. Unfortunately, my health coverage and what my school district offers kids like mine has limitations. Your response was a flippant one and shows the lack of thought.
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Thanks for the link.
I purchased the book by Susan Ashley, and was helpful. Is there a support group in the Long Island area for parents that you know of? or How I would find one? One that I could attend (not online).

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  Oh boy, I am a long way from New York, but here are a few ideas.  Hope these help.

   I went to the CHADD web site and searched under NewYork in their Resource Dictionary and found lots of ideas.  So you might want to check it out here -   http://www.chadd.org/Support/Directory.aspx?state=279640043#.UoZ_uY1Q1w0

   Lots of good information on behavioral training here - http://www.help4adhd.org/en/treatment/behavioral/WWK7

   "There are some excellent Web sites that serve as resources for finding well-trained psychologists. The American Board
of Professional Psychology’s Web site has a directory of Board Certified Clinical Psychologists and Board Certified Clinical
Child and Adolescent Psychologists (among other specialties): http://www.abpp.org. The National Register of Health Service
Providers in Psychology, a credentialing organization for licensed psychologists, also offers a directory on their website:
http://www.nationalregister.org/. Lastly, the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies offers a directory of mental health
professionals that have received training in empirically-supported treatments: http://www.abct.org/Home/."   Taken from  Developmental and
Behavioral News  Vol 20, number 1, Spring 2011
Published by the Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics  
     and also this full page of ideas from them
    Adjuncts to Medication Treatment of ADHD

Summer Treatment Programs:
Narrow availability for 5-10 and year old adolescents
     The contact website is
Florida International University’s website:

Positive Parenting Program
Across the country
Moderate availability for kids 0-16
   Web site is
http://triplep-america.com Ye
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Wow, I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Thanks for all the info, it is most appreciated.

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