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Lexapro With Dexedrine ADHD/OCD

I've noticed a lot of exacerbated ADHD symptoms by taking SSRI medications. SSRI medicines are hard to manage when I have severe hyperactivity and inattentiveness with ADHD, yet the SSRI seems to help in other areas that I mentioned.

I have spoken to my psychiatrist about this a couple times, and he told me to try and time the doses between Dexedrine and Lexapro so I don't have too much Lexapro before trying to study, and try not to have too much Dexedrine close to bed.

Is there an easier way to go about trying to manage comorbid conditions because all the interactions of Lexapro and Dexedrine seem to be really frustrating to always keep in check.

What I am currently doing is doing "micro-dosing" and just taking 5-10 mg of Lexapro at certain times of the day, followed by 2-3 hours later 10 mg of Dexedrine, followed by another 5-10 mg of Lexapro, and repeating that alternating pattern.

I just don't like having to split up dosing so much and remembering all the periodic doses is hard, yet this sort of medicine regimen is what I have noticed the most success with. It is just a very high-maintenance way of going about managing things.

Are there any ideas on how I can better handle these symptoms possibly without needing to be so "on-point" with all the times between doses and which medicine I'm taking (and how much of each)? It's truly a full-time job!
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The recommended adult dose of lexapro is 10 mgs a day.  Of course everybody is different, but it sounds like you may be taking an overdose.  You did not explain what the interaction problems were, so I can't tell if you are overdosing or not.   What country are you in?  Dexedrine is usually not prescribed here in the states that much.
  Have you tried any of the long lasting meds.  They are good for 8 to 12 hours and generally are more gentle since they are a time release...they don't hit you with a huge first shot.   These would be things like Concerta, Vyvanse, Adderallxr, etc.

But since I don't know what symptoms you have except the typical adhd ones.  its hard to help.  I am guessing that you take the lexapro for anxiety and/or depression (which is a very common adhd co-disorder).  It is possible that you are undermedicated for adhd,  as you are on a minimal dose of dexedrine. If the adhd is controlled better, then your need for the ssri might be less?

How long have you been on each med.  I am guessing you started on the ssri first?  Have you tried any other meds before this combo?   Hope this helps.
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My understanding is that an SSRI medication  such as Lexapro diminishes the effects of your medication for  The ADHD, as well as the ADHD medication does the same with the SSRI they don’t work well together and as a matter fact I actually have gone off of my antidepressant which was Lexapro as well. I’ve been on it for so many years and simply never noticed any change, so I went myself off of it very carefully I actually dream again. I get frustrated and angry but at least I don’t feel like a zombie. At any rate that is my info for that good luck
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