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How do i know if maybe  i  need to have a dr. take a deeper look into my child,how can i look for signs of this illiness,or maybe she just likes seeing me lose my mind.she laugs at me when she knows i have had it.
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   Laughing at parents when the child senses that the parent has "had it" - is not ADHD.  It is more normally a sign that the child is winning and the parent is not.
   You can get some good quick information on what ADHD is by clicking on the blue  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder link at the top of this page.
  You might also want to post to the child behavior forum and ask the members for help with any specific things that your child is doing that is driving you nuts.  Or for starters - just read through some of the posts.  I bet you will find lots of things that sound familiar.  You are not alone.  Good Luck.
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We are not able to experience what you do, but I do agree with Sandman2 that children will laugh if they feel they are winning.  Depending on how old your child is, it could be the only way your child knows how to express their feeling of, "I win".

Are there any other symptoms that go along with this behavior?

If you are truly concerned, it never hurts to bring this up to your child's Psychiatrist, as a concern.

Please keep us updated,

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