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MVA sparked ADD?

This summer I was in a motor vehicle accident. I rolled my truck about 6 times, and while it was rolling I had hit my head on the window but it didnt break. I was a little concust, I vomited a couple times, but generally I still had my wits and astonishingly no signs of shock. No tests besides a urine sample was done.

Anyways I hadn't noticed it immediatly but in retrospec I've noticed my ability to concentrate has been terrible since then. Even within a few weeks after my "drive" at work had diminished greatly. I then returned to school in September and I dropped out mid october because I couldn't stay on task for any longer than 30 mins without zoning out. It seems like I need several distractions to concentrate on one thing. IE: Need to be listening to music, and drawing to focus on a lecuture, or I need to be eating in order to read. Emotion wise, I'm as content as ever. I'm just more restless than before.

I had previously been treated for ADD about 3 years ago. Could this accident have re-instated my ADD like symptoms?
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Maybe its a combination of the ADHD and a mild Traumatic Brain Injury from the accident.  A TBI is really the only way ADHD can occur later in life.
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It's very possible that the accident caused some brain injury that didn't show up. My friend was in a bad car accident last year and we've noticed that once in awhile he'll forget what he was talking about. He seems to have suffered some short term memory loss. I really don't know if they can do anything or not. You might want to talk to your doctor and see what he says. Best wishes.
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Is there anything I can do besides meds to help with my ADD symptoms? Any particualar food, or suppliment out there that can help?
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