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Man I could be a commercial for Vyvanse....

I am really sensitive to medications. Adderall was like what I imagine taking crystal methamphetamine feels like. At least I felt like how those people looked.

I have been on Vyvanse for a while now. And was worried when they doctor said it was very similar to Adderall XR. But he promised me that the issues I was having with feeling ill, insomnia, and no appitite would lessen on Vyvanse. And that the nasty, gross stimulant feeling I got from Adderall would go away.

And he was right about everything and then some. And believe me if there is a side effect to have I will have it. Whether I am imagining it our not, almost every medicine I have taken for anything in my life has bothered me in someway. But not the Vyvanse...

The onset is very smooth and comfortable. The duration is very level, no ups and downs. After a week of mild insomnia and loss of some appitite, my normal sleeping pattern has returned and I eat like I would if I wasn't taking any medicine. And when the medicine wears off at the end of the day its not that anxiety ridden exhausting crash that other meds gave me. It just slowly fades away, and I barely notice it.

I know I probably sound like commericial for Vyvanse...but since Adderall and Vyvanse are made by the same company...you don't have to worry. I just figured I throw this review up for those who have the same problem with other meds. Vyvanse might be a good answer for you. Take care.
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I am glad you are not expirencing problems with VyVanse!
My 10 year old son has been taking it for a year now and everything has been fine until now.. All of a sudden he has changed... Does coughing tic's, constantly rubbing his teeth together and moving his jaw, cyring, always on edge. And it's funny about the hungry thing cause he takes it at 6:00 a.m. and by lunch time at 11:30 he is not hungry AT ALL... ( the last kid at the table due to not eating his lunch, that means no recess) so I just want to say becareful! and Good Luck to you for finding a medicine that works great. God knows we have been through many just like you...
I wish you the best!
And yes you do sound like a commercial! But a GOOD commercial!
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I have just been recently diagnosed with adult onset ADHD,I was prescribed 5mb abilify and 50mg Vyvanse. I was so glad to read your article on vyvanse because I was sooo scared to take it til today when I started. I needed the meds but didnt want my appetite suppressed like my son gets when he is taking focalin. What do you think about an 11yr old taking it? Also would it help with my son's suppressed appetite he has with focalin? Please help! I dont have custody of my son,but would love to pass on good info to her about vyvanse....he needs to eat more,he is only 56lb and 11yrs old and 56" tall. he is underweight,but he doctor leaves it up to his psyche doctor and doesnt do anything about it...please get back with me since you know so much about the drug,Wayne
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"Some patients may experience a difficulty in sleeping." I took it for the first time and I couldn't go to sleep until 3am or so...
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I know what you mean when you refer to Adderall as "that nasty, gross stimulant." I have been taking a total of 30 mg Adderall for about 6 mths now. It works great during the day, and has changed my life tremendously. I am able to complete the 200 projects that I start on everyday.  But insomnia has made me it's ***** at night!  If I could guess what a crack head feels like when coming down, the Adderall "comedown" would compare to it.  Although I am forced to take sleeping aids sometimes, I hate taking Benadryl with about 10 glasses of milk to go to sleep, not to mention that I urinate every 10 min. until about 4 am.  Then at 6 am, when it's time to dress 2 toddlers and make it to work on time, I find myself taking my morning dose even though my plan was to take a "holiday" that day.  Well, anyway, the list goes on..... I'm just curious about the comparison of Adderall vs. Vyvanse because according to your post about changing from Adderall to Vyvanse, it seems that you are much happier with the outcome. If Vyvanse is as smooth as you say, then I would definitely consider consulting with my Dr. at next checkup.  
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Me too!!!  

I was diagnosed and started Vyvanse about 9 months ago.  I haven't tried anything else but I hear the stories on ADHD forums.

Side effects were insomnia for 5 days, appetite loss for 4 days, dry mouth for 2 weeks.  

Positives include:  no more 10 cups of coffee in the morning, no longer crave or consume ice cream/candy/cookies and alcohol each day,  drinking more water has become a habit and I lost 10# in 2 months, I can actually PAY ATTENTION at work ... no more daydreaming during meetings, don't become easily side-tracked ....

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