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Melatonin for 8 Year Old

My son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2011 and then mild anxieties issues as of this year. We are currently waiting for an evaluation in regards to possible PDD and Asperger's (January 2014). When speaking with his Skills Trainer and Faciliator about the many battles we have regarding getting to bed and him actually falling asleep, they made mention that the doctor he will be evaluated by may prescribe him something for that.
My husband is very much against adding a sleeping pill into the mix, so they recommended we give him melatonin. Well, I haven't been able to locate melatonin for children, just adults and in gummy form. I'm unsure what would be considered the safest mg for him or is it best to start at 1mg and proceed as needed?

Thank You!
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   I think that it is a very good idea to try virtually anything before going the sleeping pill route.  And yes, you always want to try something at the smallest dose first, give it a couple of days and then try a bit more.  I did find a couple of posts of people who are using 3mg with their children. And apparently from reading those it also comes in time release and liquid forms. Of course, whatever you do - always make sure that your doctor knows about it.
  I have also seen a suggestion by a developmental pediatrician that said, "About 80% of individuals with ADHD have sleep disorders. ADHD needs to be treated at bedtime, so if her meds have worn off much earlier in the day, add a dose so that it will be effective at bedtime. Decreasing ADHD symptoms will allow her to fall asleep."
     This link also had good information from Consumer Reports. - http://www.medhelp.org/posts/ADD---ADHD/Melatonin-safety/show/1588510
    Hope this helps, please post if you have any more questions.  Oh, just found another post on another forum.  Here it is

    " Hi,
My son has been on melatonin for id say atleast 4 years. We also give him 3 mg. I would not worry about him becoming intolerant. I think getting proper sleep is more important to his mind and body. My son is 13 but when he was ten the doctor said we could increase it to 5 mg but we thought it made him sick to his stomach but i read that melatonin calms the stomach so we might try again 5 mg.

Brian was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011. The gluten free diet did calm him down tremendously but it took longer then two months and it was gradual. He eats the same thing everyday and we can tell if we introduce something whether it makes him hyper or not. We gave him gluten free vanilla chex and he got sooo hyper he went into a seizure. Im thinking its the preservative bht in cereal and the sugar. Now we are dealing with the hyperness from puberty. Yeah us!! Lol!!!!

If you decide not to try meds i suggest a food diary. I bet youll find processed foods make him hyper. Like fructose, bht, gmo. I think trying organic and natural foods is a great idea. But remember fruit has sugar. Also they say provide fruit separetly not with a meal but as a snack. Because the sugar messes up the balance of the meal. My son does not eat fruit at all. Also j know this sounds crazy but turkey has a sleepy effect. I used to give my daughter when she was younger rolled deli turkey before she went to sleep and it worked.

I wish you good luck. I know a childs adhd effects the entire family. We get so exhausted!

Let us know how your making out. And if you find anything that works let us know i might try it.

Big hugs,
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Thank you for responding!
We did get the melatonin gummies that if you take (2) it will add up to 3mg. We just started with (1) on friday evening and he has been going to sleep so much easier the past three nights.
We have made sure to remove suchs things as Red Dye 40 from his food and usually give him more protein and dairy products.

I'm going to let his faciliator know tonight about the progress so far and just leave him at 1.5mg until we need to raise the dosage.
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