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My 19 yr Old Son out of control adhd

Please Help.. My 19 year old has issues and I dont know what to do.  Here is a quick history...
He cant sit still unless on Mirajuana or some sort of Drug(not sure what he takes)... Severe anger (short fuse and has been arrested for beating up others). Cant focus at all unless Hi on something or playing some video game.. Severely Jealous with girl friend(mental abuse to her), ... He is on aderall but doesnt seem to help much.

Is there a severe case of adhd?? or could he have been mis-diagnosed??   Im scared he is going to get hurt or hurt somebody else... He cant hold a job and he is going into the Navy ..I dont think this will last unless he gets some sort of help to figure this all out.. Any suggestions.. Please help ..
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I would get him an appointment with a neuropsycologist who diagnosis autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and other similar disorders.  Make sure that you or another adult very familiar with his actions/symptoms goes in with him to see the doctor.  They can retest him and possibly test for other things as well.  You might also have him undergo a sleep study.  In many kids who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, having their tonsils and adenoids removed can greatly reduce the symptoms.  The reasoning behind this is that they have enlarged tonsils/adenoids that cause sleep apnea.  Whether they realize it or not, they are waking up very briefly many times a night and thus are not getting well rested.  The following day, they are tired but know they need to stay awake or, in young children, they just really want to stay awake.  If they sit still too long, they will fall asleep.  To prevent this, they bounce from one thing to the next trying to stay awake.  If he has sleep apnea at all, whether due to enlarged tonsils/adenoids or some other cause, that could be causing these symptoms or making them worse than they would be otherwise.  Sleep apnea is easily treated through various means depending on the cause.  I would get the neuropsycologist and sleep study appointments scheduled ASAP.  If this can be taken care of before he goes into the Navy it could make a world of difference for his career and his life in general.
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Sounds like it could just be a run of the mill teenager on drugs. All of his symptoms could stem from his drug use. Take him to the doctor if he is on ADHD meds...good luck.
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i think psychotherapy is a good approach, I have adhd as-well.went through a very similar history, drugs violence, mentally abusing anyone who would "spark" me up.
the main idea in my opinion is to somehow take responsibility over actions with a more domino effect thought process, for him to do so...!
yeah i guess he wont care about any other opinion, prefers a bully strategy, high level use of narcotics. sounds like he's taking a very physical approach on life.
navy could be a good chance for him, it's a way to see results of his actions at-hand.
but he might become an even bigger bully while knowing how to use a rifle,and command a unit.
I'm 26 today, got a steady gf,and a massage therapist, after army service.
good luck, your gonna need it.
just hope he wont pull a hammer out on the therapist.
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I don't see how he can be properly diagnosed for ADD given that he is on drugs. He has to be gotten off that junk. That is number one. And is his violent behavior due to cocaine or meth?
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