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Natural medicine for ADD

My boyfriend wanted to get back on Adderall and I don't want him too. He starred a new job and wanted to be able to concentrate better. I don't not agree with taking these sort of drugs. I found that taking vitamin c, vitamin b complex (with all the vitamin b's) and omega 3 pills help ADD. I wondered if anyone here has tried them. Please don't try to talkme into him taking Adderall. With all due respect I just don't believe in it period.
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   I am glad that your are concerned about your boyfriend, and I can certainly also understand him wanting to do well in his new job.  Getting any job these days is tough - so kudos to him.
  The question is why can't he concentrate better?   Is it due to distractions at work, lack of sleep at night, anxiety, improper diet (not a good breakfast for example)?  Or is it due to something like ADHD or ADD?
  If it is essentially a non medical reason (although anxiety depending on its depth could be a medical problem), then a natural solution might be available.  However, you would need to be more specific about the cause of the problem to get help.   If he  does not have ADHD or ADD, then I certainly agree with you about not taking Adderall!
  However, if he does have ADHD or ADD, then there is no proven natural medicine that would help.  In fact, if there was - it would have to be so powerful that it could be dangerous if improperly made.
   There are things that he can do at work to help with his concentration from setting alarms to reminders on his smartphone, etc.  But, essentially, it might come down to the fact that he needs a medical solution for a medical problem.  All I can say is "When properly prescribed and administered, medications approved for the treatment of ADHD have been shown to be highly safe and effective."  CHADD - http://www.chadd.org/Understanding-ADHD/Parents-Caregivers-of-Children-with-ADHD/Medication-Abuse-and-Diversion.aspx#.Uppk1I3oLdA
    Of course, the key here is "properly prescribed and administered".  Maybe you have some concerns here or mistrusts?  
    Anyway, I do know of some sites that offer ways to try and stay focused at work.  I also can offer lots of information on ADHD if that is his problem.  I am not sure that you are all that familiar with it.   And to understand him, its pretty important that you do understand it and what it can do - if that is the problem.
   Hopefully, I can help - but I do need some more information to know which way to go.   Best wishes.
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       Opps, I hope I was clear.  When I said that there were no proven natural medications to help ADHD - I was pretty much talking about the concentration factor.   Granted there are the natural stimulants like coffee, etc - but that can be hit and miss.   However, there are plenty of other things to try (and he should) before having to go the medical route.  And if he does have ADHD - perhaps one of the first things he should do is clue his boss in?  But that takes having a really good self esteem and knowing yourself to pull that  off.
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Sorry, I guess I didn't exactly put he has ADD. He was prescribed Adderall when he was younger for it. Then he went out of it when he got into high school. He's is 22 now.
I only notice his ADD when driving or talking to him sometimes he gets distracted.
I just don't believe in medications like this. I believe there is a better natural way and that's just the way I am. And it's not like it's severe. I believe I can find him some vitamins and maybe something else to take.
I'd love to hear more about it because I do intend to know everything I can about it too help him.
Thank you for replying.
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    Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner, but Thanksgiving kinda got in the way.
    I am not surprised that you don't notice his ADD very much (I am pretty sure he is aware of it), that is what makes ADD such a nasty disability.  Kids who have the Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Type tend to get noticed right away.  Kids who have the Predominantly Inattentive Type can go a long time before it is noticed.  I have seen plenty of posts by adults who finally got diagnosed later in life - and it was a huge relief because they always knew something was wrong, but couldn't figure out what it was.   Unfortunately, many times they paid a price in anxiety, depression, self doubt and ultimately self medication because they were not aware of what was robbing them of their ability to work to the best of their ability.
   Anyway, while the hyperactivity component gets a lot of the attention and the press, I do have several really good sources on adult ADD.
   Start with this - http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK8
   Another really good informational source is from psych central.  Unfortunately, for some reason, I can't post that in this forum so I will send that to you via a personal message.
   In many ways the best site is  -
   Just be aware that this is written by a person with ADD and it is a bit disorganized.  However, since it is written by someone with ADD - who struggles with it daily - and is followed by many with ADD, it has a wealth of information.   This is certainly a site that both you and him should be looking at - once you have gone through the basics.  
   The last source is perhaps one of the best because it deals with ways to daily deal with ADD.  It covers diet to job and beyond.  Its here -

    These will keep you and him reading for a bit of time.  Its worth it!   When ever you have a question or need more info - please post.  Until then, best wishes and a great New Year!
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