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Need a Concerta 27mg coupon

I have a 13yr that was just diagnosis with ADHD and is being put on medication. I looking for a coupon for the dose of 27mg.  This medication has a co-pay of $50.00. I have insurance and this is a ridiculous and outragous price for co-pay for this medication. Where can I go and get a 27mg coupon for concerta. Because I looked up is for 18mg and 36mg. Pharmacy will not take this coupon.  Help me
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Sorry, I don't know of any coupons for the 27 mg dosage. There are many others who are looking for the same thing(coupon for a better price) and there just is not one right now. You can contact Concerta on their website and ask them if they will have any coupons for that dosage at another time.
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Welcome to my world.   Try not having prescription coverage.  The last refill was 200$ for 30 27mg tabs.  My daughter has a 6.67 dollar a day habit.  Unfortunately the stuff works so I have no choice but to get it.  We tried just ritalin for a month and her grades took a huge dive.  Not worth it.  Anyway, concerta looses their patient this year so I am looking for a genaric to come out.  Best of luck.
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