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Neurological Development - Learning Technics

I'm considering taking my child to Learning Technics (www.learningtechnics.com) They said the use "specifically target neurological activities" to improve a child's attention and focus. I have heard of brain training and cognitive enhancement...has anybody heard of this company? I don't want to put my child on medication. I would prefering trying a natural non-evahsive remedy first. I also heard of another company in Canada called Easton School...any info on the subject would really help! Thanks
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   First, any company that does not give their prices and wants you to call in for that - bothers me.  That speaks of an expensive product and a hard sell. But whatever.  I also don't like their promise (with no research sited), of a " If you are looking for a permanent, drug-free solution to your child's ADHD, Learning Technics offers a revolutionary and proven program with an astounding 93% success rate."   I have never seen any research that shows a permanent solution.  Furthermore, they don't appear to use bio-feedbac, which some studies have shown to be somewhat effective.  Actually, its hard to know what they do, since they really don't tell you.  I also noted that for all of the "research" that they give - there is no way to see the actual research.  I can think of at least 3 other companies that do similiar things - check out this link, particularly the last post - http://connect.additudemag.com/groups/topic/neurofeedback_or_Cogmed_versus_play_attention/
    and here is a link on a review of the latest research of the  whole biofeedback thing - http://sharpbrains.com/blog/2012/01/17/new-review-of-neurofeedback-treatment-for-adhd-current-state-of-the-science/

   I do think a lot of the ADHD Nanny program and it is free  (I believe) http://www.adhdnanny.com/
     If you can afford it, there is nothing wrong in trying many of the programs out there.  I would suggest however, that you do become a bit of an expert in ADHD so that you can be your childs proponent.  I also suggest that you buy the book "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.   It will give you a lot of the day to day information that you will need now and in the future.   Finally, all studies have shown that the best results are a combination on medication and behavioral therapy.  Not just one or the other.  So you are well on your well to solving half the puzzle.  If I can be of further help, please post.  Best wishes.
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  Opps, Nanny is $10 a month, but can be cancelled at any time.
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    Well, besides the links I gave above (which are now very close to 3 years old) - I get all the current research on ADHD material.  I have seen nothing new to indicate that any of these programs really work.  
   My recommendation is still - Finally, all studies have shown that the best results are a combination on medication and behavioral therapy.
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I am a special Education teacher with a M.S. in the field
I just got off the phone with the man who picked up at the phone number posted on the Learning Technics Inc. website. It was John Heath, who started the company. I asked him tough questions like: do you have any background in education or neurology; do you have scientific knowledge about the brain? How did you develop the activities and exercises I saw being done on your video?  He said that he was "just a person with serious learning problems, who "overcame" them. He is a businessman who collected a group of doctors and "brain researchers" to get information and paid them to create a method to help "intelligent children who had trouble learning". They based the exercises on  " research about stroke victims."  Then they had "eureka moments" and figured out more exercises  "that work".
He runs this as a money-making business.  He offered me a "training session" of 3 days  (!!!!) with another 3 days a few months later when I have"more experience with actual clients" for another 3 days. Price?  $16,000. Yup it's not a typo.  I'm seriously conflicted about the short training. 6 days! (I went to college and a Masters program for 6 years.)  The client is charged about $4000 for 24 weekly sessions. He says they have people doing this " all over the world and in many schools". I know of one person who paid him $45,000 to buy the "right" to teach this in all of Brooklyn.
( He was very up-front about this.)
Some of the activities look like  BrainGym, which some people don't give credence to, because of a lack of scientific studies or scientific explanation.  
If there is so much research about brain-plasticity - how the brain can be changed - why is this VERY EXPENSIVE
home-made modality the only one I can find that purports to actually train away Learning Disabilities and give bright children back the ability to do well in school?
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