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Off ADD Meds

I have been on a variety of ADD/ADHD meds since I was 7yrs old. I have gone off of them for summers a couple times but I have a hard time during school. Due to bouts of depression and because I am now 20 and not a child anymore, my doctor said that I should be on strattera. I was for 3 years but it's so expensive that I went off it a few months ago. Now I am so fidgety and I have trouble reading textbooks (paying attention, not unable to read) and forgetting to complete tasks. I'm just wondering if there are any other options out there besides meds for ADD. I'm so sick of paying ridiculous amounts of money for medications that zap my personality!
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   Kind of wonder about your doctor?  There are other ways to go besides strattera, like as needed doses of adderall (or others) for example.  Depression is not unusual.  In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley she says that up to 30% of AD/HD people do suffer from it - for very good reasons.
    So point being - I have seen lots of post by adults who still use meds, but on a as needed basis.  And if the dose is correct, the personality does not suffer.   If you are in college, the need is probably greater than in the work force - but perhaps (depending on your class schedule) not everyday.  And some meds that have been around a long time are a lot less expensive, but you have gotta find the right doctor.  And one that is probably willing to let you experiment to find what works for you.  I am not saying that you should try meds again.  But I have the feeling that your doctor didn't give you all the choices or chances to help you.
   But to answer your question.  Other options.  You need information.  A site that at least is shared by a lot of adults with ADD or ADHD is,
  and then check out his resources, there are many ideas there that will help you.
      And by the way, even if you go back to some kind of medication - all research has shown that that is only partially effective with out learning behavioral modifications.  That is why you need  information.  
      Hope this helps.  Best wishes
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