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Other non-Drug Treatments

Don't forget psychotherapy and other non-drug treatments. CBT and DBT instead of drugs help children who are unable to concentrate, have mood swings, etc. Neurofeedback is proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD and more. Many times children who have been abused act out and the abuse isn't discovered until years later.
Seeing a good child psychologist would get him/her help sooner and avoid many more years of pain. An interesting fact is that 50% of adults with Bipolar experienced child abuse. What kind of message does a child get when they are given a pill to mask symptoms of child sexual abuse?
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My daughter is a behavioral therapist and she often works with so-called ADD, ADHD children. Your assumption that children with this diagnosis have been abused is unfounded (although in rare cases this may be true). Note also that the diagnosis is often in error. Sleep apnea can produce the same symptoms as can a high sugar diet. And sometimes it is merely the result of poor parenting. True ADD,ADHD is much rarer than you think.
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Sorry, didn't mean to infer that ADHD kids have been abused. Should have started new paragraph with "Many times children who have been ....." I was talking about Bipolar and Child Sexual Abuse. Read the statistic below on Bipolar and Abuse.


Sadly, this pattern first shows up in childhood.
In 2000, researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington found that bipolar people were far more likely to have been victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Although, as is typical in general, women reported higher rates of sexual abuse than men, male bipolar subjects demonstrated a significantly increased rate of sexual abuse and combined sexual and physical abuse compared with unipolar male subjects.

What this research by the Washington University doctors boils down to is that people with manic depression, both male and female, suffer from higher rates of childhood sexual abuse, and although this is, as usual, more common for women, men with manic depression suffer particularly elevated rates of abuse.
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