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Over the Counter ADHD Drugs????? Help!!!

Hi all, my husband is needing to know a good over-the-counter drug to help with his ADHD.  It's mainly just to help him concentrate and study for med school (the irony).  He had no time to see a Dr during the week b/c of his school schedule.  

Anyone know of any vitamins/otc drugs that will help calm him and help him concentrate??

Thanks in advance... :)
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hey, the only thing that MIGHt help would be fish oils, more specifically Omega-3. It can assist in concentration, but wont help in terms of the ADHD. Medications prescribed by the doctor is the best way to go.
People with ADHD have low levels of dopamine (which controls behaivour and concentration). The medications for ADHD are amphetamines, which are stimulants. When taken, they speed up your brain and raise dopamine levels. For a normal person, it makes them feel happy! But, to a person with ADHD, all it does is brings the dopamine levels back to normal allowing then to function normally. So not alot, if not at all OTC meds will do much but try fish oils if its desperate.
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Caffeine works some. Also, Sudafed (the real one, not the new one). I feel for your husband, I'm in medical school too and it can be hard.

He *needs* to be evaluated by a pdoc because medical school without meds is a major pain in the neck (except ER rotations)!!! He also needs a coach.
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Fish oil and Zinc supplements have been shown to be mildly beneficial.  All the over the counter supplements that claim to help ADHD are scams.  
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   Hey Kirk, gotta watch the dates.  Its a really old post.
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