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Hello everyone,

I am am currently undergoing diagnostic testing and I am wondering if I should ask if the psychiatrist should also check for ADD, or ADHD even. I'll tell you a why in a bit. At the moment I have done some tests that suggest that I have Asperger's, but the clinical psychologist advised that I should consult a psychiatrist for further evaluation. Not only for Asperger's (because the psychologist was pretty sure on that one), but also because it was suspected that I may have a learning disability. I am not sure if ADD is classified a learning disability, but I really want to do some tests for it because of what follow below:

At the moment I'm in my last year of Applied Linguistics, which revolves around translation. My professors noticed something peculiar that I of course already was aware of: my translations are full of typos if I don't turn spell/grammar checker on. I know all spelling and grammar rules that I need to know, I am just not aware that I am misspelling or leaving out things. Even when I re-read my translation aftrwards, I usually do this 3-4 times, I don't notice that misspelled words until someone points them out for me.

The type of "mistake"s that I make and don't notice despite knowing the spelling/grammar rules are:
-Leaving out letters
-Switching letters in a word
-Leaving out a word
-Typing the same word twice
-Typing the wrong word because I'm already thinking ahead (of what follows)
-I sometimes type an "s" to make words plural even though I didn't intend to make the word plural

As someone who is supposed to translate, not noticing this kind of typos is absolutely not acceptable.

Other reasons why I think I might have ADD are the following:

-I need to go to a library to study. If I try at home, I need a lot more time and will not do well on the finals. I also have trouble with getting myself to start studying.

-When professors are adressing the entire group of people, I usually get distracted within 20-30 seconds even though I had the intention to pay attention. My friends have gotten angry at me already because I needed to ask what the professsor had said.

-I'm terrible at remembering names. If I meet someone new and we have a one-on-one conversation, I will most likely immediately forget that person's name.

-When reading an article that I like, I often read without remembering. By that I mean, I have read a couple of lines, and then I suddenly realise that I need to re-read those lines because I can't remember what was said. Also, and I find this peculiar, I have little patience with reading altogether: Even when there's an article that I'm extremely interested in and really want to read, I usually feel like I get "bored" after just a couple of line, despite that I am actually really interested in the subject.

I can't think of anything else, bt feel free to ask me some questions to determine if I may or may not have ADD. also, based on what's been said so far, is this in indication that I should probably request to be tested for ADD?

Thanks in advance,


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      Well, it certainly can't hurt to request to be tested, and it just might help you a lot.  You do have many of the symptoms.
      I have included two links below that you may find very helpful.  Please let me know if you need any more info.
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