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Severe ADHD Please Help!!

I have terrible ADHD. Took Concerta for 10 years. For the last two years I have been without it. I am to begin studying for my RN in the fall. I am 20, with no insurance and without the Concerta I just know I will not make it through my classes. What are some alternatives???
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    No insurance?  Did you apply for Obama Care.  Without a job, it should have cost you virtually nothing.  For that matter, your parents insurance will now cover you through age 26.  You need to get the insurance.  I assume your parents paid for the meds when you were younger.  Will they do so again?
   Oh, I guess the big question is - is this about the money or the prescriptions for the Concerta?  Or are you trying to avoid meds completely?
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There are no good ADD alternative meds.  Websites that claim to sell such products are mostly scams or selling supplements with little or no therapeutic value.  

Unfortunately, you live in Florida.  Florida refused to take the Obama Care money that other states are using to expand Medicaid.  So, your out of luck with that (unless you have kids/disabled etc.).  Medicaid covers the cost of ADD meds up to age 25.

You can find a doctor and pay out of pocket.  That's what I had to do.  I live in Los Angeles and got medicaid after the expansion but it doesn't cover my adderall because I am 27.  It's not as expensive as it seems.  The inital consultation was the biggest expense ($280).  But after that my follow up appointments only cost $100 (every other month).  With adderall the pharmacy charges the same price per pill regardless of the dose.  So, I have my doctor write proscriptions for 2x the dose and cut them in half.  Using a proscription discount card brings my cost down to $43 dollars for two months of the pills.

So, my total cost paying out of pocket is about $2 a day.  I explained my situation to my doctor and he worked with me.  With ADD, it is common for a doctor to write prescriptions for 2 or 3 months at a time (but you have to ask).  You can also find out exactly what a proscription will cost at the pharmacy by using one of many websites.  

I'd be glad to give anyone tips on how to cut costs when paying "out of pocket" if you leave me a message or note.
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You could try generic Ritalin, but the cost probably depends on your dose. A few months ago I got 60 pills of generic Ritalin IR 10mg with no insurance and it cost me around $30-$50. (which is cheaper than getting insurance and probably also cheaper than Concerta). But the cost probably depends on the brand, some brands probably cost less or more.
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