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Should I be concerned??

My son is 5yrs old, and I get concerned that maybe I should be checking into if he has ADD. I will give you some examples as to why, and maybe you can tell a first time mom if it is something I should get checked out, or my son just "being a boy".
I quite often have to tell him to "focus on me" when i am yelling at him, cause he dismisses what i am saying and turns to the tv or a toy. I always joked that he had a short attention span even as a baby, and assumed it was just a trait of a baby. That especially happens now (at age 5) at night, he doesnt act tired, but he can go from one activity to another without batting an eye. and it tires me out! He never sat still-ever. he was never a child that plopped down in front of the tv and sat for hours, he would barely sit for 10 mins, which i always saw as a good thing, but the "not sitting" thing still happens, if i need him to sit and relax, I end up making him re-sit down every 5 or so minutes. I dont know, maybe i am over-reacting, that is why i needed some un-biased opinions. Today made me think I should check with his doctor-he started hockey today. He has always been fine on teams, except he talks alot, he wants to be everyones friend, even when they should be focusing on the game. After the game, the coach told them all to sit down, and he was asking them who was new, and was telling them important info, 2 items into the coaches speech, I see my child up and in the corner of the hockey dek trying to play with some older kids....he should have been sitting and listening....this bothered me.
Does this sound worrisome to anyone? I have one cousin who truely has ADHD, and is living a very normal life at age 18 on medicine. I also know some doctors tend to over-diagnose kids. And I dont want my kid on meds if he is simply a little hyper. But i dont want to dismiss this if there is something that should be looked at.....can anyone give me any advice?
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This sounds very familiar.  A few things you may wish to test him with are: 1. Can he hold a normal conversation for 5 minutes?  His attention span should be about 5-10 minutes right now.  2. Try giving him caffeine, and see if it calms him.  If it does, he is probably ADD/ADHD.  Children will also tune you out, so you may wish to put your hand under his chin and make him look you in the eye when you talk to him.  You can also start a reward system to keep him focused on his behavior.  Good luck and God bless.
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Yes, you should consult a doctor. He has very clear symptoms of ADHD. But don't be sad. There's hope.
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