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Signs of ADHD

We have concerns for our 7 yr old son. He was evaluated last year and was diagnosed as ADHD. During the session he was a model child and according to the Psychologist displayed none of the traits they look for (made eye contact during Q/A, was able to sit still and  answer all questions, etc). The diagnosis was only determined based on the evaluations completed by us and his teacher. She had concerns about him not paying attention in class and having difficulty moving from one task to the other. We have had our own concerns about his behavior since he was very small so this came as no surprise to us when we started receiving calls from school. He has always displayed massive temper swings (running off crying) over very mild things like not being able to pass a ball right or having his older sister tease him. This has improved with age but he can still get upset very easily and cries. He does have some friends and plays sports but is often seen off by himself picking grass, looking for bugs, etc. He seems to also gravitate more towards girls then boys when playing. I keep reading posts from parents talking about stealing and lying, which he has done for a long time. He recently took jewelry of mine and although he was clearly in trouble with us and we kept asking him where it was, he continued to deny he had anything to do with it. I ended up finding it in a chest he had been carrying around for a few days. It took my husband threatening Military school for him to come clean and apologize. He has made up stories before that  get back to me about relatives dying and going places we have never been to. He does well in school and even though we received a few calls last year, by the end of the year she was very happy with his progress and just told us last week she misses him in her class. This year we received a similar call from his new teacher saying the first few weeks were difficult but he has improved as he now knows what to expect and the schedule to follow. She simply wanted us to be 'aware'. The main issues are the lying and stealing, bad hygiene (he refuses to clean himself after using the bathroom), sneaking food (normally junk food) in his room, and having to always make repeated requests to do anything he doesn't want to do. We have also had relatives notice some of these behaviors as well. As many here have noted, we have done time/outs, grounding, spanking but nothing seems to help. He has never displayed any harmful actions or words towards us or our family pet as some have mentioned experiencing. He can be a very sweet child and is wonderful with his two brothers. We were prescribed Ritalin after our session and decided not to give it to him due to him improving in school and side effects but after this last episode we are considering having him try it. Do these behaviors go with a child with ADHD and can the medications help with these behaviors?
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       There are certainly a lot of ADHD symptoms and also things that a intelligent child working the system might do.  I also always wonder about something like sensory integration disorder.  Does he have any normal things that he dislikes or gets really upset about?  textures, food, light, sound, etc.?   Reason why is that sensory is not dealt with by medication.
    Here is a site about sensory -   http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/sensory-processing-disorder-checklist.html
       If he does have ADHD or ADD, the meds will help with impulse control and concentration.  This can also then help things like anxiety and depression.
     However, all studies show that the best results come from behavioral therapy and medication.   There are numerous things that can be done behavioral wise and I can give you plenty of links to sites that will help you.
    I really don't have enough info yet to make recommendations.  But, yes, I would try a very low dose of meds and very slowly increase it.   Keep in mind that it will not solve all the things you mention.  That will take proper guidance on your part with the correct techniques.
    In short, this is not something that can be answered in one post.  Plus, I am on vacation and a bit short of time, but didn't want to let you hang around any longer.  Do keep in touch and I will be getting back to you.

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