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Sleep Disorder or ADD

My just turned 6 year old has been having emotional/anxiety problems since he was 3.  We had him evaluated through our county program and he was placed in a special ed preschool for 2 years.  Now at 6 and in kindergarden we noticed that in school he was completely out of control with all the symptoms of ADHD rearing their heads.  We broke down and put him on Adderol which seemed to help for a bit (1.5 months) and recently he had a major violent breakdown.  I took him off the medication to give him a break from it and we have given him melatonin alternated with Benedryl at night to help him fall asleep.  Last night after being off the Adderol for 2 days he went to sleep at 9 with benedryl and at 9:21 he is just starting to stir in his bed where on another day he would have been up 2 hours ago.  I've always thought it had something to do with his sleep but can not find anything to "prove" it.  I had an MRI done on him which they said was fine and his head neck exray showed no problems either.  He has a bicuspas aerodic valve which reading more into it shows that it can cause a lack of oxygen especially at rest so I'm wondering if just bringing this information to his Dr's attention will show that my gut instinct as a Mom (Isaac is the 4th of 5) is right and that its his sleep that is causing most/all of these problems with him.  What I keep hearing is that most sickly kids suffer from apnea and he has had one ear infection in his life and no other major problems.  I've had all of his blood work done and had him checked for diabetes, thyroid, etc and nothing but my gut keeps telling me to push forward on sleep so I just need some help figuring out how to move forward or someone to say give up.  Thanks!
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You asked for it in your post! Give up, I do appreciate how hard it is wanting to do the very best for your child, I have been there, trust me ,actually 4 times!  I am thinking that it may not hurt you or your son, to try the 'Natural " route, as you are obviouslyare  not happy with what is happening at the moment what have you got to lose, and all we are concerned about is your Boy and making him feel better. I also think you are going in the right direction in your thoughts about sleep. So ,...I digress, how about as and when you can, you slowly, take him off all the Meds, with your Doctors help and input, My method is going to sound too easy and too simple but it wont hurt to try , he is 6 year old lets get him a lot of activity going, involve Dad ,sports, Games,Fun, outside acrtivities,wear him out so he is tired and wants to sleep, no talk about any form of illness, he is a healthy boy, if he crys and moans and acts out ,let him, dont feed into it , do not over -react to anything, It has been shown by experts that children do well when they take a Multiple Vitamin-mineral supplement with antioxidants, Vit BComplex and Vit C some parents have also found fish oil to be helpful. so you may want to consider that.I think you also need to re think how you are going about this issue , I believe you also think so . Good Luck let me know how he does.
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