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Steps and things to do for studies

Hello sandman, u have well said in answering my earlier questions. Yes we do take ADHD session regularly and very seriously. My lad is very mature and good at all other things now except for his interest in studies. I want to start from scratch. Please tell me how and what should I begin. Let me tell you, my son is intelligebt enough if I try to teach him or make him say study stuff while playing also. He directly tell me, are you telling me a story or teaching me. Or I will not play if you ask me to repeat. Or I will not do it. He does not like to be second, somehow he has learned the concept of being first always. It is good but can and to some extend has started being a problem. Because if he realise he is not first then he withdraws from the situation.
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I think his problem (or perhaps your problem) is that he does not like to fail - not that he wants to be first.  When he realizes that he is going to have a problem, he shuts down.  If this is true - this is a learned response.

He needs to relearn that it is ok to try and fail.  That he will not be penalized if he does not know all his letters or numbers, etc.   Kids with ADHD have trouble memorizing because their  attention wanders.  If the letters, numbers, etc. can be made into a fun game it will be more helpful.  In my last post to you, I said the school needs to know about him and they need to reduce the pressure on him.

Here are two links that may help you.  The first is just basic parenting ideas.  The second is aimed at teachers, but a number of the ideas also apply.



Hope this helps.  Please ask if you need more info.  Best wishes.
Yes, the school counsellor and the teacher is aware of his ADHD. They have our report with them. And Prathamesh ‘s teacher is aware of everything. I had a word with her and she is going slow with him. I always keep thinking that the school is running way far ahead. They have done vowels and vowels related two and three letter words. They have done numbers till 50 and in words till ten. These are problem area in terms of identification, recollection and repetition. They are going to have class assessment and teacher said she is going to assess him at his level only and not like other students. But she insist on doing homework on regular basis. I don’t do frankly. We work only on ABCD and 1to 50 . My concern is if he is not conversant with basics how can he comprehend two three letter words. Should I revise it by making him write or should I simply keep it a fun learning or should not touch it.  Also I m of view of changing the school and repeating his Jr. kg. His father differs the opinion saying he is small and he will catch up automatically. I m scared . I have started making him realise that it is ok if he is not first or not win. Hope best for that. Although he says he is ok if I m coming first and he is not
homework on a regular basis is ok if kept short.   Do you read to him every night?  That is important.   The links I posted above will also help you.
Its too early yet to know about changing schools.
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