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Strange stimulating hand movements

Hi! So I've heard of this happening but didn't know exactly where to post it so I thought this would be an appropriate place.  I have always been an artist, ever since I was a baby.  However, my family would always make fun of me because whenever I was very focused/excited/satisfied with how my drawing was turning out, I would move my wrists and fingers in strange ways, they would get stiff, move around fluidly, jerk upwards or sideways or outwards, my fingers would move around in their own strange ways like they had minds of their own.  I would define it as all of that energy moving to my hands and I didnt really have control over when it happened, it just happened subconsciously and I could stop it when I noticed but it kind of felt good, as if my hands were expressing satisfaction.  But if someone were to see me I would sort of look like maybe I have some issues with my hands/arms.  I read a comment about it on some other site where if a child does that they probably haven't developed enough self control to know what to do with their hands.
But heres the issue.. I am 19 years old and I STILL do it.  It always ONLY happens when I'm drawing.  My hands still move that way when I'm excited/satisfied with how the drawing is looking.  My cousin always brings up how I used to do the weird "tingly hands" when I was little.  But if she knew that I STILL do it, I wouldn't hear the end of it.
So I'm just wondering.. are there any hints as to what that is?? Haha I'm perfectly normal (at least I'd like to think so), just my hands do that weird thing when I'm drawing.
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   Well, if you do have ADHD - this is an ADHD forum, it could be related to that.   It is very common for people with ADHD to need to move.  
Studies have shown that fidgeting helps with concentration - http://www.additudemag.com/adhdblogs/19/11285.html
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I know how your feeling,I have ADD too and I don't do it to the extent that you do but when I get excited or bored I fidget with my hands a lot. I talk with my hands a lot too. Its definitely normal for us so don't worry, you are not a freak, if anyone tries to tell you otherwise I'll come over and kick their butt! Those people **** me off, along with the people who tell me to snap out of my depression, that I don't have anything to be depressed about,  Umm, hello, it's a chemical imbalance in the brain you idiots lol,but anyways I don't know if you have gone to your doctor or not but they have a few different medications cuz there are actually 7 different types of ADD so if it gets to the point where your hands bother you, try talking to your doc, and if the Med doesn't work, don't give up it just may not be the right one for you, hope this helps you and keep on drawing, art is a beautiful thing!
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