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Taking Concerta 18 mg daily safe?

I was prescribed Concerta 18mg by a psychiatrist. I am currently studying for the bar exam and have been taking one pill everyday (since May 17th). The bar exam is on July 24th-26th, 2017. I have never taken Concerta everyday for this long before, and I know that daily use is not encouraged. However, I feel that taking it daily would allow me to prepare for the exam to the best of my ability. The amount of information I need to learn is substantial, as is the difference in my ability to study for long hours on and off the medicine.

While I cannot find any online information that tells me that taking Concerta daily for 2 months is unsafe, I would welcome a second opinion before I continue the way I have. Aside from a bit of anxiety (which could be due to PMS and the test), I do not feel any side effects. I have been sleeping and eating well. After taking a break from Concerta in the past, I have experienced irritability, sadness, and moodiness (which also could have been due to PMS given the timing of the symptoms; I've always had unpleasant PMS). Any recommendations for managing these (potential) aftereffects are welcome, too.

Sorry if this is a rookie question or if has been answered... again, I'm pretty new to this and I'm studying for the bar. :)
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"I know that daily use is not encouraged."  Where did you get that piece of misinformation?   Maybe if you do not have AD/HD or are abusing the prescription limits.  But, there is absolutely no harm in following the guidelines your doc gave you.  There are millions of people with AD/HD, who have been successfully using stimulant medications for years.  In fact, some of the latest studies show that taking medication vacations are counterproductive (unless, it is for weight problems).
   And, by the way, 18 mg is a very low dose.  If it working correctly for you, it should last 8 to 10 hours.  If it is not lasting that long, you could talk to your doc about that.
   Hope this helps.  I have a ton of resource links to back up my statements if you wish to see them.  
    But, I am curious as to where you saw that daily use is not encouraged- as I may have to deal with that question again.   Best wishes!  Oh, do you need a study tips for people with adhd.
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I've been taking 18 mg of concerta for 16 years and it's been a great help to me! (I briefly tried another time released stimulant and it didn't work for me.) Going on and off it can be very distruptive though-- it is best to stay consistent with it. When I'm going back on it after a break, I tend to lose my appetite and have more trouble sleeping. I recommend taking it after breakfast at the same time every morning... my rule of thumb is always try to take it before 12pm at the latest so it doesn't keep you up at night. I would not recommend taking it if it has not been prescribed to you though!! Be careful out there.
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