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Taking both phentermine and methylphenidate

I was prescribed Methylphenidate ER 27 mg for ADD a week and a half ago. I called my doctor 5 days after starting the medication to let him know that it wasn't helping but instead was making me tired and have headaches. He decided to prescribe me with Phentermine 37.5 mg to help with my fatigue from my Methylphenidate. While taking these medications together I have noticed that my heart-rate will stay around 126 while at rest and will spike some when I'm busy doing something. This morning I was so tired that I mistakenly took both of my medications twice without realizing it until I went to put my pill organizer away and noticed that an additional day was missing. Should I be worried about double dosing myself on 2 medications that are stimulants?
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   Ya, I do find that surprising.  Many times an overdose of stimulants to a person with ADHD can cause one to feel tired and drugged.  In my opinion, he should have first tried a lower dose on you to see what would have happened.
   Also all the meds are different and effect people differently.  If the Methylphenidate ER doesn't work right for you, then he should try another long acting medication.
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