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Tenex for my 4 year old son

My son who is almost 5, was put on Tenex (Guanfacin) just about 2 weeks ago. It definitly helped his SEVERE hyperactivity, impulsiveness for the last 12ish days, he did have some increased fatigue and would nap some days 2hrs tops (something he hasn't done since he was about 18 months old).
Anyway, the past 3 days, it almost feels like the medication has lost it's effect and he is slowly going back to his normal levels of hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Is this possible? I know this medication is suppose to be given about 2 weeks before really seeing effects, but I'm afraid its just not going to work because he is building a tolerance up so quickly. Is this possible so soon? The medication was a miracle the first few days. He was a different kid. But, like I said, its not as effective as it was. Anyone have ANY feedback please before I contact his doctor again.
Thank you.
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I am sorry I have taken so long to get back to you, but I have been on vacation and kind of out of touch.

Hopefully, by now things have stabilized. Tenex is one of those meds that have to build up in the system, so it does take awhile to know how it is working.  It also is somewhat short acting so many times must be used twice a day.  If you are still having problems, talk to your doctor about using Intuniv.  It is an extended release version of Guanfacin and does work better then Tenex.  You can find a lot of very good information about both meds here -
  Also, I have seen many instances where a child is on both Intuniv and a stimulant medication with very good results.

  Finally, realize that even though when the meds are correctly dialed in - they are not the whole package.  He will need lots of help with his behaviors.  If the impulsiveness is controlled then he will be able to learn new behaviors that will help him in school and at home.  If you need any info on this please post.  I have lots of links to help.  Best wishes.
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