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Treatment options for adult ADD

What are some of the treatment options for adult ADD-inattentive?  My doc put me on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg once a day but it's not really helping.  I still get very distracted and can't focus on just one thing.  

Are there any adults that have experienced success with other medications?

I already take Omega-3 fish oils, B-complex, etc. and exercise 30 min./day

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   Well, at least he did you one favor by telling you to go somewhere else.
Did more research on Welbutrin and it is one of the suggested meds for ADHD, but does not seem to be as effective.  Pretty good comments on people who have used it here - http://****.com/forum/topic.php?id=1369
    Probably wouldn't hurt to try it for a bit longer.  If or when you decide to stop it, make sure you read up on how to do so!
     When you do find a new doc - make sure he knows all of the meds you are on.  I would definitely look for a psychiatrist who has a specialty in ADHD.
    And do take the time to check out the sites I mentioned - plus the link above is from ****.com which is also quite good.  
   Keep us posted and let me know if there are any more resources you need.  Best Wishes.
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Hi ... what are the letters for ****.com in your link?  Looking forward to checking it out.  Thanks.
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  weird, they normally let the link to that site go through.  Guess, I'll have to recheck the policies as you can't get the information found at that totallyadd site anywhere in medhelp.   But you now have the info you need.
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Went to new shrink yesterday.  The 'intake coordinator' asked me a ton of questions about my health/family/etc. No tests were given to me to check for ADD.  Shrink said I don't have ADD since I did well in high school and have two college degrees.  Concluded that I need a MOOD STABILIZER ... WTH !!!  Told me to reduce Paxil from 60mg to 40mg a day.  Gave me script for LAMICTAL 25mg once a day in the morning and we would increase dosage as time goes on if needed. I have appointment at end of May. I have been searching online about this med and from what I found, it is NOT what I need or should have to get my concentration/focus/etc. corrected.  He seemed to think that my "racing thoughts" (yes...I have them...they are all about how I will get all my daily tasks in order and completed ... but at the end of the day nothing is done...damn it) are the reason I need a MOOD STABILIZER.  These people are driving me nuts with their 'conclusions' and the meds they give me.  I took a Lamictal this morning and slept most of the day (AGAIN).  Don't feel any different ... maybe it takes a few weeks ... who knows !!!  I actually paid someone $40 to mow my lawn today because I couldn't get my 'focus' outside to do it !!!!  BTW...$40 was not in the budget for lawnwork.  I am at my wtts end with what seems to be total silliness.
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    Well, I do like the idea that he has reduced the Paxil.  A number of the effects you mention as having are also listed as side effects for Paxil.  And Paxil is a med that you want to slowly withdraw from.  Lamictal is probably worth trying and certainly has less side effects then Paxil.
    People with ADD do get college degrees, but typically they have to work very hard, suffer a lot of stress, and many times are squeaking through.  Hopefully, he asked you more about your college experience then just noting you have two degrees.  If you did have problems going through college, he needs to know this.  And, I guess, if you are highly intelligent and loved the subject area - you might of had very few problems.
    Anyway, I do wonder how much of your "focus" problems might be due to the paxil and will be curious to see if he tries to slowly reduce the paxil some more while increasing the lamictal.  Hang in there!
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Actually, I graduated 'with honors' from college.  I really loved college ... wish I could go back for a degree in something else.  It was tough ... I went to school evenings/weekends + worked full-time + raised my two daughters.  I would study after everyone went to bed ... ahhhhh ... we are talking after midnight !!!  

****And, I guess, if you are highly intelligent and loved the subject area - you might of had very few problems****  Sandman2 you are 100% right on this comment :)

Ok....back to the meds issue.  I am just soooo confused as to what these people are trying to do to 'cure me'.  From what I have read about  Lamictal, it is for "seizures" and "bipolar disorder"!!!  I do not have either of these problems.  I have been on the Lamictal for almost a week now and feel NO different.  Seems like a waste of money and the weird RASH side-effect I read about is creeping me out ... haven't had any rashes yet.  I don't seem to have any side effects at all ... maybe these pills don't have any medication in them !?!?!?

Guess I will just keep taking the Lamictal until my next appointment at the end of May.  Appointment is actually with someone who just determines if meds should be increased and writes the scripts.  If things don't turn around somewhat by the appointment, who knows what they will give me next !!!!

I wish I could go someplace that actually gives you the whole ADD testing.  Then I would know for sure if I do have it or not, even though know I have the symptoms.  

PS>>>How do you know so much about this stuff?  I like reading your responses :)

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  Hey Misty,
   sorry I took so long in getting back to you!  On a family vacation and let things slip for awhile.
   A lot of my experience comes from many years on this site.  A lot comes from working with ADHD kids as a teacher/administrator.  And a lot comes from just doing a lot of research on line.  And you have certainly caused me to take a look at a lot of medications that I don't normally have to deal with - so realize that I really don't have a lot of expertise in what you are going through.
    My first thought is that I think you certainly have enough ability to get deeply into this stuff (if it interests you - and it should).  Unfortunately you have two or three things going against you.  
   The first is that you really appear to have problems focusing on the kind of boring stuff that this is about - even if its about you.  And more about that problem later.  Second is that your doctors are either not telling you what is going on - or somehow their message is not coming through to you?   Third, they are not treating for ADD, and not telling you why.  And finally - this is about you - which does tend to filter any message they may be sending.
   lacmital does have many uses.  One of which is a mood stabilizer.  If you can use that and get off the paxil - I think - that would be a good thing.  The question in my mind is if the paxil is the reason for you being unable to concentrate.  There is only one way to find out.  But its really important to slowly withdraw.  So yes, keep doing what you are doing, but at the next meeting, see if you can drop the dose of paxil.  
    Actually, go back to my earlier post on the interaction between paxil and stimulant meds.  Specifically, ask the doctor about that.  In fact, when you saw your latest doc - did you give him your medical history of which drugs you took and your responses to them?
    And keep reading up on adult ADD.  the more you know the more you can inform the doc.
    Finally, you are really trying to take charge of your life.  Keep it going.  Force your self to get out and exercise, even if its only a long walk.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Get a white board.  Write a schedule on it and keep to it (well, that could take some trial and error).  Main thing is to try and get into a rhythm and keep to it.
   Lots of stuff here- sorry - take some time to digest it.  Peace
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Hope you had a wonderful vacation :)

I spend soooo much time online researching ADULT ADD and the meds I have been prescribed + my daughter is a pharmacy tech, I think I know more than the shrinks!!!

Bottom line is the shrinks keep telling me that Adderal/Concerta/etc are "too addicting".  I know that they can be addicting, but I will only take them as prescribed ... and I DID tell them that.  Seems strange that I should have to 'inform the doc' about ADD ... that is what 'they' are supposed to know all about.

Actually, my appointment on May 31st is not with the shrink....just some girl that will supposedly up the Lacmital and write the script.

As for Paxil....I take that before I go to bed ... second shrink said to take the Lacmital when I wake up.  

I did inform both shrinks of all my meds and my responses to them.

As for the 'white board' ... I have one + 'post-it notes' all over the place ... even have post-its in my car (LOL).  Also have paper lists of things to be done ...  have a list of my lists LOL..  It is not boring stuff that I have an issue with ... it is concentrating/focusing/etc. on COMPLETING every day tasks.  I have so many things started but keep moving on to something else and something else (and on and on) ... but nothing gets finished.  I feel kind of 'scatter-brained' and it ***** when at the end of the day, I realize that nothing is completed.  It is very annoying.

I have to find a place that actually does the ADD tests ... not just paper response kind ... and see what happens with that.  I have to get my life in order ya know?

Talk to ya soon :)

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   "Bottom line is the shrinks keep telling me that Adderal/Concerta/etc are "too addicting". "   BS - unless you don't have AD/HD.  All of the literature states that the stim meds doses are too small to be addicting.  
   By the way, found a good site on Paxil - don't be put off by the title.  Its about the only site I have found that gives its half life and mentions taking it at night.  The site is - http://www.crazymeds.us/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Meds/Paxil#.T7GOdb_evNo
     It looks like you are going to somehow try and find a psychiatrist that specializes in adult ADHD.  The point is that you are not being treated for ADD, but for anxiety which the ADD could be causing (very common).  The problem is - as "Crazy meds" points out - Paxil is difficult to stop.  So you will definitely need someone who can help you in slowly cutting down.   Heck, I have said this all before.  The problem is the possibility of an interaction between the stim meds and the Paxil.  Thus, I think you will need to be off the Paxil before you try anything and thats gonna be not easy.  However - hopefully, the  Lacmital will allow that - so maybe this new dr. knows whats going on (just not explaining it real well).  I hope they up the Lacmital and cut back the Paxil.  
    Good Luck!
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Adderall worked for me...started at age 55 and haven't looked back. It really does the job
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   Nice to get a comment from somebody who has been there.  Please feel free to keep posting :)
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   Do you have a prescription from your doctor for these meds?
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What kind of testing did you go through?  My "shrinky-dinks" keep trying to treat me for anxiety and/or bi-polar disorder.  I did some on-line tests and according to my results, I DO have ADD.  My shrinky-dinks ... I am on the third one .... don't even want to look at the print-outs I wanted to show them.  Last one has me on lamotrigine (50mg a day) + risperidone (1mg at bedtime).  These "professionals" are driving me nuts already !!!!
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It's hard but sometimes we do have to trust those that have trained extensively in their field.  If three doctors in a row have discounted your own online research that you have adhd, this may be something you have to accept.  

By the way, meds aren't the only way to treat add/adhd.  There are many strategies for dealing with it and I encourage you to investigate those.  You can do various things to physically slow your nervous system such as swimming.  There is a long list to try.  You can work on strategies to stay on task such as organizational systems.  

There a lots of people with adhd that choose not to take medication for a variety of reasons that manage it in other ways.  

If you feel you have this condition even though three doctors have told you otherwise, I would see if you can get improvement in symptoms by implementing some of the other strategies those who have add/adhd have come up with.  good luck
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   Sounds like the doctor now has you off paxil completely and on risperidone in its place?  Is this true?  Hopefully, they took you off paxil slowly.  
   You have been on the lamotrigine now for over two weeks (?).  How does it seem to be working?   Now that you are off the paxil, has your focus gotten any better?
    It would be nice if these professionals would kind of lay out what they are planning for you and how this all fits together.
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Hi, I just saw this post and i thought I'd add my my treatment to things. Because I have rapid cycling bi-polar disorder my ADHD symptoms went unnoticed until recently.I am obviously on a combination of medications but I am prescribed Modafinil for my ADHD symptoms, they won't even try usual ADHD medication as in my case the repercussions could be dangerous.
I find this medication has really helped with my attention and concentration, as bi-polar and ADHD symptoms can overlap I'm realistic with what the medication can do in my case but it has certainly helped.
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    Interesting!  Never heard of Modafini Or provigil till now.  I can see how that might be working for you.  I need to do some more research on it, but it seems to work via increasing the dropamine levels (which means it could be addictive to certain individuals).  How that would affect someone with ADHD I have no clue.
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specialmom:  Each of the shrinks I have seen so far have been from India.  Jeepers Cats !!!  As I indicated, they did NOT even want to look at the online test result sheets I had. The first shrinky-dink actually tossed it back across his desk to me and proceeded to give me a 6-question ADD quiz sheet that I had actually saw online myself.  Is this crazy or what?!?!?  I feel that these 'professionals' are misinterpreting what I mean when I respond YES to their questions .... Do you have anxiety? ... Do you have racing thoughts?.  Sure I have anxiety ... I feel it when at the end of the day I find that the daily tasks I planned to do with my "racing thoughts" are half started/half done/not started at all.  Wouldn't you have feelings of ANXIETY if you could not focus on getting things completed?  Good grief...I am about to go out and mow the lawn ... sure hope I don't have to come into the house for anything ... lawnmower will be left outside in the middle of the yard while I DO SOMETHING else in the house!!!!  

Read my other posts ... this is not the way I want to be.  And all of these appointments just result in different meds that seem to be for other 'illnesses'.  I am sooooo frustrated.

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Hi Sandman2 ...I actually weaned myself of paxil by myself....too many stupid meds already.  Focus is not any better without paxil.  Actually, I feel like crying alot ... don't know if it is because of not being on paxil or if it because of the other new meds they have me on.

On May 30th, they upped the lamotrigine from 25mg to 50mg once a day + prescribed risperidone 1mg at bedtime.  Said the resperidone is to stop the "...manic part of bi-polar..." !!!!!  I have no clue where this bi-polar crap came from.  Neither of these 2 meds are doing anything for me ... I do not feel any different.  The risperidone is nasty stuff ... the other evening I had such bad heart palpitations I thought my chest was going to burst...I am not exagerating!!!  

I must point out that they told me that my insurance does not cover Adderall/Concerta/etc. for adults unless you are grandfathered into the plan from childhood.  I think that is why they are trying all of these other useless meds.  Meds that are not doing anything to fix the problem !!

I have another appointment on May 21st.  I am going to request that they give me the 'computer-type' test to actually see if I have ADD.  If the results are positive for ADD and since my insurance won't pay for ADD meds, I am going to ask for a script and will pay the extreme $$$$ for them myself.....even if I have to cancel my cable and landline phone/cut back on food/etc.  I cannot deal with how these meds are not doing anything and I have to keep going back for appointments which result in more useless meds.

I do wish these people would lay out a plan and tell me what they are actually trying to do.....ohhhh.....I think they are....READ MY RELY TO specialmom.

All I want is for someone to fix the problem !!!!!
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Ooooops.....next appointment is JUNE 21st ... not May 21st.
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   Ummm,  back in April you said, "My primary care doc first prescribed Concerta in February ... 18mg 1X day.  Then I was 'assigned' to the shrink in March.  He upped dose to 27mg 1X day.  Did nothing for me.....wanted to sleep all day.  Follow-up with shrink later in March."
   So you were on stimulants at one time and I am guessing that your insurance paid for it.  So if they paid for it then, why not now?
   Ask your present doc if he has the records from the doc you saw in April.  Also remember that I think there was an interaction between the paxil and the stims.  So glad you are off the paxil.
   Interesting site to check out for info on Respidal is here - http://www.crazymeds.us/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Meds/Risperdal?from=Risperdal.Risperdal#.T9DkYPHV3No
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When I was prescribed the concerta ... I paid for it myself .... to the tune of $90 some $$$$$.

My PCP tried to get my records from the first shrink....wait till ya hear this one ------- When I was at my PCP's office yesterday, he showed me the fax that he sent to the shrink.....the shink's office sent it back with a hand-written note in the corner that said "NOT A PATIENT" !?!?!??!?  UNBELIEVABLE isn't it????

I will check out your link for the risperidone....

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My pdoc was a little unsure about how much help with my symptoms provigil would be but decided to give it a try. A trial if you will because she had never used it in rapid cycling bi-polar disorder before either.
You are right to point out about the possibilities of abuse, though provigil is not a typical ADHD stimulant, there is always those few that will abuse it for their benefit rather than use it for their health,
Provigil is not in the frontline of medications used for ADHD but liow a lot of other medications it's initial purpose was to treat a completely different condition. Provigil was initially prescribed for narcolepsy but then research was started on it's use in ADHD and it's even been seen wrote on the same page as a would it benefit someone with bi-polar disorder, which is the reason it peaked my interest too.
This is in no way an advisement of treatment avenues, it's just about what can be an alternative, when the options are limited and a new way to approach a problem may help. I guess it's all about sensible ,informed, and medically overseen choices available to someone. Good luck.
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Let me just tell you that while most psychiatrists want patients to be informed, they also are not thrilled with self diagnosis off the internet.

While I love the internet, it does not tell the whole story.  If you feel you have add/adhd but can not get a psychiatrist to treat you for such (which the typical complaint about add/adhd is the opposite, that docs LOVE to diagnose this), you ARE ABLE to go ahead and start working on helping yourself.  

This includes all of the non pharmaceutical ways that people cope with and deal with add/adhd.  There are many and frankly, anyone that JUST takes medication to handle their add/adhd really aren't dealing with their disorder properly.  

So, you are able to get started with that if you are willing.  And if you have anxiety, some strategies for add/adhd will greatly benefit you as well.  

One thing that is very true about psychiatric medicine is that the doctors are very keen to find the right mix to help someone.  It very often takes trial and error with medications.  Your bipolar issues are such that mixing add/adhd medications might be something they are factoring in as well as trying to make sure that you are not currently cycling.  

I do wish you luck.  Again, look into the non pharmaceutical ways to help if you feel you have some symptoms of add/adhd.  
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Wellbutrin...  When I was in grad school, I ran into a confluence of factors that helped me realize I'm rather strongly ADD and have always been.  And I had a similar experience trying to get understanding/help from a doctor.  Of course, since I was losing steam (burning out, had lost interest in my subject), I was depressed.  Since I wasn't doing my work adequately and was on the cusp of failure, I was anxious.  So, treat me for depression, right?  Of course.

He prescribed wellbutrin.  What's interesting is that it turned me into a rage monster for as long as I was on it.  A month or so later, after my wife and children had learned to sort of avoid me until I was off it, I went in to the same doctor, and his solution was to double the Wellbutrin dosage.

I dropped the Wellbutrin, dropped the doctor, went to one that, thankfully, was ADD/ADHD-savvy, and she expressed alarm at the Wellbutrin prescription and agreed with my conclusion that it should be dropped.  (I can't remember exactly what she said, but it was something about Wellbutrin stimulating fight-or-flight response, which was precisely what I did *not* need.)

Anyway, I have since found that Adderall is nice and helps a lot, but Ritalin made me feel *lucid* and able to actually discuss plans for future, handle interruptions without fearing loss of ability to do what I'm doing, etc.  Just my own experience, but I can definitely identify with the TAKE ME OFF THE DAMNED WELLBUTRIN AND STOP TREATING ME LIKE IT'S GARDEN-VARIETY DEPRESSION sentiment.
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"If you feel you have add/adhd but can not get a psychiatrist to treat you for such (which the typical complaint about add/adhd is the opposite, that docs LOVE to diagnose this), you ARE ABLE to go ahead and start working on helping yourself."

With all due respect, specialmom, I think this is no longer really true.  Perhaps it was true at one time, but popular and in-field backlash has had a powerful inhibiting effect, such that many of us are now running into doctors that are very chary about diagnosing ADD.  There seems to be a lot of resistance.  I've only seen one doctor who seemed even willing to discuss it without dismissing the subject, and she was also, as she told me, highly interested and did a lot of outside reading because her husband was a rather acute case.
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I agree with you....I have found that 'shrinky-dinks" (as I refer to them) do not want to give ADULTS the meds for ADD unless they were diagnosed with it as a child.  If you read my prior posts, you can see how crazy this whole issue is.

My thoughts about what 'specialmom' is saying about 'going the "natural" route....blah blah blah'    is that if you DO have ADD....wouldn't it make it difficult to go the so-called natural/help yourself route when you can't even deal with focus/concentration/completing tasks/etc. !?!?!?  What is the, as she calls it, the "...help yourself..." route anyway???  I have so many lists and white-boards and etc. to try and help myself keep on task and be organized, that I need a 'list of my lists" !!!!
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I do NOT have any bi-polar symptoms.  Question for you:  if docs are not into online testing results....then why did my first shrink give me a 6-question page that I did actually see as an "on-line" test  to answer???

Your posts are confusing ... you do not offer any suggestions to what type of "....helping yourself" plans to undertake.  Those of us with ADD would find it difficult to sit all day and search/read/etc about your suggestions.  We have enought silly foolishness to deal with.

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Hey FishSteak....glad to have a new poster on the forum.

Your reactions from Wellbutrin were freaky!!!  Wellbutrin made me want to sleep all day and did absolutley NOTHING for my 'suspected' (duh) ADD.
Glad I am off it.

Have you read all of my posts???  Jeepers Cats.....I should start a damn blog already ... LMAO !!!

I wish I could find a 'shrinky-dink' that was ADD-savy like you did.  Like I noted in prior posts,  my ADULT daughters were diagnosed with ADD and are on Adderall ... they are both doing fine.  Sad thing for me is that one daughter lives in south carolina and my local daughter's doc is not accepting new patients.  Bummer!!!  I have to deal with these shrinks that just do NOT understand what I am going through.  

Sandman2 is a real good dude on this forum ... I like dealing with him on here.

As for 'specialmom' on this forum, I have no clue where she is coming from.

Have A Nice Weekend and keep posting.    :)
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Ugh.  Adminstering a test to yourself is much different than a physician going through an entire diagnostic procedure.  So it does sound like they looked into add/adhd for you and did not agree with your self diagnosis that you have this condition.

People that successfuly overcome add/adhd do not 'just' take medication and  many survive with no medication at all by implementing other coping skills.  If you can't get the meds, perhaps you can work on that angle.  At least it is something.

But good luck.  By the way, if you have the focus to do these on line tests via the internet. you could also search for what others with add/adhd have done to help control their symptoms.  

I am not saying you don't have add/adhd--------  your doctors are just not willing to prescribe you medication for it (3 different ones).  Why that is, I don't know.  But if it were me, I'd do my best to help myself.  Google nonmedication methods of helping oneself with add/adhd.

Many do find that physical activity slows the nervous system.  My son has sensory integration disorder which is very similar to add/adh as it is also a nervous system issue.  Symptoms are almost identical.  He does something called "heavy work" that helps.  My neighbor also has add and as an adult chose to not take medication.  She does this same kind of heavy work and deep pressure combination.  Lifting weights, swimming are excellent for slowing one's nervous system.  also implementing organizational tools to keep you on task is helpful.  

You could ask your psychiatrist for strategies for dealing with what you feel are add/adhd symptoms that are non medical.  They may just be impressed with your desire to do something for yourself and change their attitude,  good luck
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Will your doc work with me via skype/email/or something???  Just kidding ... kinda.   :)

Where is she located... I am at the point that I will travel an acceptable distance to see someone who will help me.  Sounds crazy....but....I just want to get my life in order.

Good thing I didn't have to go into the house yesterday while I was mowing the lawn ... the mower would be still sitting out in the incomplete yard mow and something would have be started or half-finished in the house.  LOL

It is soooooo damn difficult to live like this, as you probably know.  I just want to have SOMEONE fix the problem !!!
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Jeepers Cats.....you are on a zillion forums here.  Are yiu an expert on everything????

My 'shrinky-dinks' have NOT looked any further into my issue than what our "conversations" contained.  I know that they did not do any "entire diagnostic procedure" (as you call it).

Please read my prior posts.  I believe that the "computer-type" of test is what I need ... if it does not indicate ADD .... so be it ... at least I will know for sure.  During my next shrinky-dink appointment, I am going to request this type of test.  If they refuse ... I AM DONE WITH THESE PEOPLE.  

SANDMAN2.....where are you?????
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I'm a community leader on two forums here, yes. And I have a child with special needs as well as another child which gives me interest in issues with kids.  I enjoy med help very much and am happy to be a participating member.  Thanks for asking about that.  

Good luck.  
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By the way, I'm not an anti medication person and those who know me here can tell you that.  I believe that for some people, medication is so very beneficial.  But Sandman will surely agree with me that medication is just part of what someone with add/adhd can do to overcome it.  

Your issue is that you can not get a doctor to prescribe add/adhd medication as they haven't diagnosed you.  I get that this is a problem and hope you find a way to get an evaluation.  I Can't really say I HOPE they do diagnose you with add/adhd as who really wants that diagnosis or any other.  But if you do, you do and you should be treated fully.  

But as that is not happening now, I was trying to see if you can try some other things that might help you.  I am just being practical about what you CAN control at this moment.  You seem to take that as me saying you shouldn't have an add/adhd diagnosis.  Why three docs refuse to diagnose you with this or offer treatment, I don't know.  I have no idea.  And if you do have add/adhd, I hope that you are able to have it diagnosed soon officially and reaceive treatment that you need for it.  

So goodluck.  Hope it all works out for you and your psychiatrist (hey, my kids call people names like shrinky dinks) to come around to see what you see and do what you would like them to do.
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    Sorry, kido,  started refinishing my outdoor deck in the late afternoon and kind of exhausted myself.
    Back to your first psyc's note about you not being a patient.  I would take a written request from your present doctor and hand carry it to your first psyc.  Maybe take their bill with you to prove you were in there.  
    There is a reason he tried you on concerta (still think that there was a reaction between the paxil and the concerta).   I am assuming that he thought you had ADD (and I think he said he was treating you for ADD and anxiety).  The docs you are seeing now need to see those records.
     Another thought on a whole different manner.  There are 46 posts on this topic and it is getting harder and harder to go back and pick up some of the earlier ones.  How about starting a new topic under your name?
     By the way, I think that all specialmom is trying to say is that if these docs are not gonna be much help - ya, need to find other ways.  I do know you have been trying other things.  But there is always something else.  Check out this link from Jeffs add mind.  Its his advice for Adults and has some really good points.  And make sure you read the comments underneath.  The site is   -  http://jeffsaddmind.com/advice-for-the-adult-and-not-so-adult-adhder-12385.htm
    By the way, I love his site - but its so hard to navigate.  Kind of what happens I guess when you have ADHD and write the site.
189897 tn?1441130118
    Just wanted to welcome you to the site.  I hope you stay around and comment.  Its always good to hear from someone who has been there/still is there!
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Hiya ... quick question ...

How do I start a new topic under my name without losing my 'buds' on this one.

Kinda funny....I created a lot of action on this one .... LOL.  I like reading the posts back and forth.

Gotta run ... tons of stuff to 'try' and finish before bed time ... YIKES !

Take care....will be back on here tomorrow.
Avatar universal
By the way....I did a little research  on Vyvanse ... maybe that will be something that will work for me and will be accepted by insurance without being "pre-approved".  I have to check out more info on it.  It has been a crazy (LOL) weekend.
189897 tn?1441130118
   My bad,  forget the new topic idea.  I had clicked on the top and saw that there was something like 51 posts.  Went back and saw that most of them were from you (and other people replying to you).  So ya, this is your site.  Run with it.
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  Oh wow! I was going back through your old posts to see how many we have done and stumbled across one of your first posts about your thyroid removal!  Have you looked at what the lack of a thyroid or Hypothyroidism can cause.  This site is pretty good - http://thyroid.about.com/od/hypothyroidismhashimotos/Hypothyroidism_Underactive_Thyroid_Hashimotos_Disease.htm
     It is possible that some of your problems are thyroid related.  Were you having the concentration problems before your thyroid was removed?  Or have the problems gotten worse since then.  
    I am sure that you must be on meds for your thyroid?  How is that going?  Do your psyc's know about the thyroid removal?
Avatar universal
Hiya Sandman2 ...

WOW.....I have my own site !!!!   LOL

I have been doing TONS and I mean TONS of research on the Thyroid issues and have been to Endocrinologists ... many blood tests to monitor TSH/T3/T4... medication doses modified ... etc.

My concentration + ADD symptons have been going on for many many years.  Seems  that I really never realized that ADD was/could be the problem until a few months ago.  Jeepers Cats ... I am 56 years old and actually might have been ADD for who knows how long !?!?!?!  

I remember when my kids were teenagers still living at home, my one Daughter would always say to me "Ma, you are ADD" because I would always switch topics when I was talking to them.  I remember that I had to go to the next thing on my mind or I would forget about it.  It really drove my kids nuts...LOL.  

I am still like that when I talk to people,  A topic pops into my head while I am talking and I just switch to it.  Must drive people to craziness ... they probably regret starting a conversation with me.   Yikes .... not a good thing.

Yes, the shrinky-dinks know about my thyroid removal.

What is your take on my Vyvanse suggestion?

Talk To Ya Later.
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Good Grief .... need my camera....I put it somewhere a week ago ... AND... duh...I don't remember where I put it !!!!   Now it will take me at least half a day (or more) to find the silly thing....I hate when I put things away....can never find them.  Maybe I should make a list of where I put everything I touch .... NOT lol.

189897 tn?1441130118
   Ummm, I really meant have you noticed the concentration problems getting worse lately?
    The thyroid is very related to emotional and mental health.  Symptoms:
--  a feeling of mental fogginess and slow thinking
--loss of motivation or enthusiasm
--issues with both short term and long term memory
-- depression
-- general hoplessness
   If you still haven't hit the right balance of replacement hormones (and it seems pretty hard to do so), that could be part of the problem.
   Vyvanse might be worth mentioning since It uses "an innovative approach so that it is an ADHD ADD medication that cannot be abused."  Perhaps that will soothe your psycs.  But the problem seems to be more getting your docs attention then the meds.  Anyway a pretty good site on vyvanse is      http://www.addadhdblog.com/does-vyvanse-work/#bc4c  and     http://www.addadhdblog.com/vyvanse-dosage-how-to-get-the-right-dose/#c987e.  Both sites are by Dr. Kenny Handelman, I like his stuff.

Avatar universal

Concentration issue has not been getting worse due to thyroid stuff.  Concentration + all of the other ADD symptons have been going on for a long long time ... just seems that I finally realized what the symptoms relate to.  

See my June 11th post on what my kids said and how I would change subjects in the middle of a conversation.

As I keep saying ... I just want someone to actually "fix the problem".

BTW.....I found my camera .... LOL.
Avatar universal
I will check out the 2 sites you told me about.

Thanks A Bunch  :)
189897 tn?1441130118
   bet ya found your camera in the last place you looked :)
   Ummm, I'll try this one last time and then shut up.  
I completely believe you have ADD.  The fact your daughters have it is a pretty good sign - its gotta come from somewhere.  Plus, your symptoms certainly point to it.
   What puzzles me (or worries me) is where you said, "Seems  that I really never realized that ADD was/could be the problem until a few months ago."  From your prior posts it sounds like you having been having a worse time lately dealing with some of these issues like - "... it is concentrating/focusing/etc. on COMPLETING every day tasks.  I have so many things started but keep moving on to something else and something else (and on and on) ... but nothing gets finished.  I feel kind of 'scatter-brained' and it ***** when at the end of the day, I realize that nothing is completed."    I mean have you been having that same kind of problem for the last 20+ years?  If not - then recently something has happened to worsen your symptoms.  Which brings me back to the whole hormonal adjustment thing.  If things are just a tich off hormonal wise then your ADD symptoms would/could be greatly worse.
    I can't answer what has been going on.  I don't know if you were to ask your daughters, "  Gee, does Mom seem a little more spaced out these days then a couple of years ago" - if they are around enough to notice the difference ...if there is one.
    And the reason I keep bringing this up is that yes, stim meds should help - but if the reason things have gotten worse (if they have) is due to not quite having the hormonal thing fixed - then you really haven't solved the problem (and perhaps could over med your self trying to fix the problem).
     Ok, I'll shut up.  Give it some thought though.   :)  :)  :)
Avatar universal
Please don't 'shut up' ... you are very helpful to me  :) :)  No one else seems to be on this forum anymore.  Wonder what happened to them.

As I look back over the past 20+ years, I realize that I did have the symptoms ... but was so busy with my life (so to speak) that I never personally noticed it.  OMG ... as I look back now ... my desk(s) at work were always covered with piles of project-files that were half-started ... I would go crazy finishing a project when the deadline came up.  Whenever someone would walk into my office, they would say something like "How do you know what you are doing?"  OR "How can you find anything with all of these piles of paper?"  Jeepers Cats ... kinda looks like my den at home does now!!!  

As for my daughters ... they would deffinitely say that I have been like this for a long long long time....they should know...after all they are the ones that grew-up with their 'scatter-brained" Mom.  My daughter that lives locally to me is a lead pharmacy tech and I am driving her nuts with questions ... she knows alot about all kinds of meds and conditions friom her schooling and many years of experience at work.

Oh well....the newspapers were not completely read again ... I was doing a zillion other 'stupid' things that didn't get finished either.  :(

Talk to ya soon   :)
189897 tn?1441130118
   Ya, I wish that more people would "chime in".    Of course many of the posters do have ADHD and I think that once their problem is solved - they kind of forget about us..... or see a squirrel ...or something.  :)
Avatar universal
LMAO ... but how true it could be   :)
Avatar universal
  I've had to deal with government funded healthcare before this whole obamacare situation. It is very inconvenient, as they are not near as efficient as a private practice. I feel for everybody that has to get the runaround with their meds and all that mess. I've went off of my meds due to this reason actually.
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