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Twice A Day Dosage

Hello Again!
I spoke with our family physcian and the pharmacy and they gave me a list of what might be affordage to our family. The list is the following:
* Plain Methylphenidate (20mg / Twice a Day)
* Generic Adderall (20mg / Twice a Day)
* Generic Ritilan SR (20mg / Twice a Day)
* Generic Concerta (20mg / Twice a Day)
... seems all the big money is in the extended release medicine.

With this list, I'm unsure what would really be best for my son. He is 8 years old, he takes Concerta 54mg once a day in the morning. They are still evaluating him for PDD and also they will be evaluating him for sensory issues. He was originally on Vyvanse, which worked for a time and then it gradually stopped working. Any information on the medication above - I would appreciate it.
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   This is a medication chart which may prove helpful.
  How expensive is the Vyvanse?  I am asking because I have a great site that gives good info on tweaking the dose so that it will work for you.  A high protein breakfast is a huge help.   Actually, I'll find the site and get it to you because the site by Dr. Charles Parker talks a lot about finding the right "window' to make meds work.  I am pretty sure I also have a site that gives comparative dosing for concerta with other meds.
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We probably won't go back to Vyvanse - he became a bit more aggressive and over-emotional when he was on it in the end. That is when they switched him to Concerta.

The doctor said she was going to move him to Plain Methylphenidate (20mg / Twice a Day) but it will be for (3) times a day at 15mg. She is hoping since it's similar to Concerta it will work for him. They also mentioned taking the script to Wal-Mart and I wouldn't have to pay alot for it. Do you know if that's true?
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Thank you for that med list too!!!
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   Its nice to have a doctor that takes the time to work with you.  You are lucky!
I googled Wal-mart prescription plans.  Not sure their card will work for generics.  I did click on concerta, but couldn't find a price.  Got a feeling that the generic will be cheaper.  However, this site might also be helpful - http://www.rxresource.org/free-plans/indiana.html
  Concerta is just a long acting form of Methylphenidate, so your docs plan should work.  I think you will have to get the school nurse involved for his second dose?   From this link, the 15 mgs seems a bit high - http://addadhdblog.com/vyvanse-dosage-how-to-get-the-right-dose/?doing_wp_cron=1392270407.4202480316162109375000#c987e
   as the math works out to 12mgs at a time.  But of course the pill doesn't come that way.  You might ask what she thinks about starting him out at 10mgs?
   Hope this helps.  Let me know how the prescription card works from the Indiana site.
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Thank you Sandman2!!

I will make sure to let you know if the discounts work. I think I might only have to pay a total of $35.00 a month.
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I asked my doctor to double the dose and I break them in half.  Got my price down to $20 mo.
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