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Undiagnosed ADD?

I am a sixteen year old girl. I have self diagnosed ADD. I am wondering if I really might or if it is something else.
I have trouble concentrating in loud or busy environments. I have trouble staying focused on a single task for to long or being hyperfocused on a task that is completely irrelevant. I am easily overwhelmed by a lot of sensory input. I do not have the hyperactivity factor. My brother is diagnosed, medicated ADHD and my Dad is definitely ADHD though undiagnosed.

I can cope relatively well and I realize that ADD/ADHD presents itself differently in males and females. It has never caused huge issues so I have never seen the point of paying for an appointment to tell me things I already know especially since I doubt I would be medicated if I were diagnosed.

I am just curious as to whether or not this could be considered ADD.
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Hi,hope you are ok. I suggest you to pay close attention to triggers which cause you to get distracted. And check if it is under specific circumstances you get distracted or it is every time?
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Loud or busy environments. Sometimes I can tune it out, especially if I have music, but when I can't I tend to shut down mentally
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Also  I  just  start thinking about something else and kinda wander off
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   ADD/ADHD has a very strong genetic base.  Given that and the symptoms you describe.  Ya, its a pretty good chance you have ADD.   Here is a great site that lists the symptoms for ADD.  You might want to see how you compare.  The site is - http://www.help4adhd.org/about/what/WWK8
   Its worth finding out if you do have ADD for several reasons.   The main one being that even though you have been coping fairly well, you really haven't hit the really hard educational stuff.  You must have pretty good intelligence.  And, I have seen posts on this site where it was not till college that the subject level, lectures, etc. finally piled up and the person was killing them self to stay on top of the material.   Do you ever take a test - look back at it and kick your self for mistakes you made on material you knew?   I have seen posters who only take medication before a test, so they don't make those kind of mistakes - especially on a timed test.
   Also, if you do get an ADD diagnosis, it means that you also could get a 504 plan which could include more time on tests, etc.
    Here is a link to info on adult ADD that covers a lot of ground.  The site is  http://www.additudemag.com/slideshow/139/slide-1.html?utm_source=eletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=May
   And yes, with a good doctor who understands ADD, you will be able to get medication and if you do have ADD - it will make a difference.  I have had students go from a C to an A overnight - simply because they now could take the test to the best of their ability.
   I have lots of info if you have any questions.  Best wishes
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Oh i see, it is possible to try this as well: try to work on something then put loud music on purpose, and see how you react. If you can remain focus for a bit of time, thats a good sign, but if you switch off directly as you normally do, then you need to see an ADD specialist. The above method consists of challenging the pattern which causes to tune out.

Be courageous!
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Music helps me tune things out unless it is overly loud. if I am listening to music it generally helps me to focus on the task at hand.
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Thank you. I will probably look into getting a diagnoses in college unless it begins to cause major problems before then. I will have more questions in the future,
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