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Unsure of how to handle someone elses child

My son is in kindergarten this year, he goes to school with another little boy that I have been told has A.D.H.D. Every day while the children line up for school the other little boy is pretty mean and nasty to my son. He hits, slaps, spits, pushes, and yells at my son. It doesn't seem the boy has parents around him much. He is dropped off and picked up from school by daycare providers. The providers are usually busy with the other children they tend to. Today I asked if the daycare provider would correct the behavior when said boy was pushing and yelling at my son. She shrugged and told me there wasn't much she could do because he has ADHD. Teachers are aware of the situation, and he gets sent to the office a lot. Aside from the teacher handling it while he is in class. Is there something I  can be doing to help this situation before school starts? I feel like a child with ADHD isn't/shouldn't just be given up on and no longer has to abide by the rules. But would love some tips on how I can make things better for my son by working in a nice way with the other boy! I have no experience with ADHD, but my son is very patient, and never hits back. Usually just goes sadly to the back of the line after being ordered to do so by the other child. I do fear eventually my son is going to have a crappy day or his patience is going to run out.  So all advice I can get would be great to nip this in the butt. Thank you for reading this long question.
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   If the children are lining up at school, then the school has a legal responsibility to monitor the children.   They should be on top of this.  So one step is to complain to the principal.  It won't help the kid with ADHD - well, maybe it might.  The parents need to know there is a problem and the school could make them aware of that.  Got a feeling the child's K teacher has clued them in to that however - unless, the child is medicated and the meds haven't kicked in yet.
   Of course one way is to just avoid contact.  Don't line up next to the child.  If he seeks your son out, then that is bullying - unless he really likes your son and this is how the is trying to get his attention.  If you haven't already done so - you ought to go and observe and see what is actually going on.
   Another course of action is to try and make friends with the little guy.
   There is also a great set of books aimed at this age group.  One of them is called "Hands are not for hitting".  It is something that a teacher could read to a whole class.  Better if the parent reads it to the kid.  Anyway, more info can be found here -http://www.amazon.com/Hands-Hitting-Ages-Best-Behavior/dp/1575420775
   I hope some of this helps.  While there is a lot that can be done for a child of this age with ADHD - its pretty difficult to do so as a third party.  Understanding the child will make it easier for your son.   This might help -http://www.additudemag.com/adhd-web/article/7259.html
   Hope some of this helps.  Feel free to ask more questions if needed.
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