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Vyvanse Questions

I was diagnosed with ADD about a year ago. I am a 15, almost 16 year old boy. I tried a few different medicines, but none worked. I prefer medical marijuana but we finally found something that worked. Vyvanse. I'm not to sure about how this stuff works and I was curious on how it works. Does Vyvanse help depression? I tend to think poorly about the future and about working out. But when I take a 40-50mg pill, I feel happy, confident, focused and smart. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is Vyvanse for just focusing or can it be used for depression? I want to hear some input about Vyvanse and its effects. I'm on it now and if I wasn't, I know I wouldn't be typing this. Thanks to whoever reads or comments about my question!
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     In a nutshell, V, if it is working for you, is a great med.  It is very long lasting and smoother then many of the other stim meds.
     Since there is a pretty good chance that your depression is/was caused by your ADHD - if the V is helping you deal with your ADHD - then your depression should slowly get better.
     However, all studies show that the best treatment for ADHD is both meds and behavioral modification (learning how to deal with ADHD).  Since you now know why things have not been "clicking" for you, there is a lot you can do to deal with this problem.  If you doc has not been feeding you this info, I think I can clue you into sites that you will find helpful.  You are not the Lone Ranger in dealing with this.
    By the way, MJ, is a very common way to self medicate.  Unfortunately, it does not deal with the problem.  It does hide it quite well however.  Don't look to it as the solution.   Keep in touch.  Good luck!
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here is info on the drug read up and sides everything

my personal opinion pot is a cop out unless stage 4 cancer or other off the wall scream 24 7 pain sorry just how i feel




im 40 life long adhd and more used a few of these now adhd is controlled by my bipolar meds
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   The 10 most important adhd meds is a great article.  Thanks for posting.
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no problem hope it helps
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adhd is a chemical imbalance in the brain pot alcohol pop water food can all mess with it and how good your results

if your adding chemicals it will be crap

my wifes diabetic im on a diabetic diet i drink diet pop or tee once a week or less

distilled water cut 90 percent of processed for premaid crap hamburger helper etc

i eat home cooked or grilled mot all the time eat out once or twice a month

the cleaner you live the better you fill and sorry forum this means cigarets and all that stuff

it not a hippie diet or off the wall like you read everywhere its eating better and better care of your self

it takes allot of sacrifice if we want to feel better
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