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Vyvanse and Intuniv

My 10 year old son, who is ADHD, was taking 30 mg of Vyvanse and it worked fine for like a month and half.  The doctor increased his dosage to 40 mg and it was working great, but again the effects seemed to have diminished in two months.  The doctor recommended to keep him in the 40 mg of Vyvanse, which he takes in the morning, and in the evening give him 1 mg of Intuniv.  Do you know if that will help with his concentration at school?  

Thank you
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      It might - see this link:  http://www.corepsych.com/2013/12/intuniv-for-adhd-details-updated/
      If he has sleeping problems, Intuniv, should also help with that.  And lack of sleep can really mess up attention at school.
      You also should try a high protein breakfast (the breakfast drinks work very well for that).  A high protein breakfast will make the V work better and last longer.
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Thank you for the information. I will try high protein breakfast.
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   From several sources, it can make a difference.
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