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having a child with adhd / autism and a brother with the same. i am concerned that people want to medicate their children with ritalin etc. can anyone tell me why they need to do this - as i have never felt the  need to.....
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Totally agree with you read the above post , you can also google about the problem,I have quoted there some information that has been written, that Parents and Teachers are quick to put a label on children if they seem hyperactive ,I can only suggest sometimes its the easy option and Doctors are very willing to medicate with the strong Drugs out there, it is harder for a Parent to realise th at their Parenting skills are lacking and instead of evaluating the child, they work on themselves  and get better Parent /Child interaction going.There are other reason s they do it and also why children are over medicated  ,if you go into your search engine you will learn a lot....Breggin.com is a site that tells it as it is,.Peter Breggin   is not a quack he is a qualified NY psychiatrist and Medical Doctor.
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I believe instead of tyring to label parents as skill lacking, you should look at cases individually.  My son is 6 and is adhd.  I am also a teacher.  I am not saying that I am the best parent in the world, however, I feel I am doing a fairly good job.  With that being said, my son does take medication.  If he was not on medication, his grades would be F's.  Because of the medication, he makes A's and B's.  I have made sure he is on the lowest dose possible.  His behavior is not perfect but he is able to focus in school to get the best possible education.  As an educator, my question would be to you and those that disagree with medication, do you think it is fair to a class of 28 students to have a child be a constant disruption because of their condition?  After all, if your child were diabetic, would you not give him insulin?
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I am sorry but i disagree with you totally. if the government were to increase the amount of schools being built instead of just building houses schools would have less pupils in the classes - thus being able to provide a better education for more difficult children. I do think parenting comes in to it - or lack of it in some cases. i work full time in the national health service, have a child without ADHD and i am pretty sure than i do not need to resort to medication in able to get the best out of my son.  Maybe you need to look your teaching skills if you feel children with ADHD are a constant disruption - i feel they are fun to be around - and you can learn alot from them. Ritalin is a form of amphetamine why on earth would you want to put drugs in to childs body? What will you do when your child is no longer able to take the medication - continue to push him for A grades.
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Ritalin is indeed a form of amphetamine, that is true.

But it is also a way to stimulate the executive portion of the brain. It does sound awefully funny to give a hyperactive child a stimulant, but the medication does not make you more hyperactive. The only side affect of my Focaline (or concentrated Ritalin!) is a headache and it is not very noticable and doesn't happen much. It really just makes me more alert, calmer (yes), and it helps me to focus on things that I could not before. Until your body is used to it (took about a week for me) it can make you a little how do I say... Loopy? But after a couple of weeks I could not tell that I had taken it until late in the evening when the anxiety and channel surfing came back to me.

It does nothing for the foot tapping and constant movement. I did not take any medication until 2-3 months ago. I am really seeing the benefit now. Personally I have a lot of anxiety (which I heard from my doctor is common with ADHD) and it alleviates 90% of the butterflies in my stomach, or as someone's child described it "the monster in my chest."

Listen, I have a 1 year old myself. I would exhaust all other alternatives first, but I really think highschool and college would have gone much better had I seeked treatment.
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I never said I did not like ADHD students.  I agree with you that if the government would put more into education, like building more schools, we could have lower class sizes.  I don't push my child to make A's but if that is his capability I feel that he should be aspiring to that grade.  As far as "pushing" drugs into my son's body, once again I ask you, if your child were diabetic or had a heart condition, would you not give him his medicine.  Or better yet, if you had a child that was Schizophrenic, would you give him the medicine to keep him on track or do you feel as a parent you could control him as well?
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Reagrding your comment, as far as i am aware diabetes, heart conditions are physical illness that tend to respond better to prescribed medication, so therefore this is the better for the patient. ADHD is a mental illness and i find CBT is the most effective form of treatment when working with this condition. It is obviously having a good effect on my child as he managed to  get topmarks in german this week without the aid of medication. with regard to whether or not i would give a person with scizophrenia medication, i am unable to answer as i have limited experience of people with this type of mental illness. I dont feel i am controlling my son as you suggest and i think it would be unfair me to suggest you are doing the same. I can satisfy myself that i am giving my child love, understanding and a good supportive family. The question is can you - or is your satisfaction coming from a bottle?
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Sir, I am not trying to insult you as I feel you are to me.  I too feel I am giving my child love, understanding and a good supportive family.  As I am also ADHD, I feel I know what is best for my child.  I do not believe that medication alone is going to help anyone.  But in order to start on CBT with my son, I had to get him to a point where he could focus long enough TO start.  I do not feel that anyone needs medication forever.  I took medicine as a child and by the time I was 16, I had learned enough skills to help me overcome my inattention and disorganization.  I don't feel that I could have gotten to that point if I had not had medication to start me off.  I am truly sorry that this has come down to some kind of argument.  My original point was just that I don't feel anyone has the right to judge another for the way they medicate their child.
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I think you can judge if the parent is drugging their children irresponsiblly. I can see both sides of the coin here. I can see stimulants helping if taken responsibly and with care. I can see CBT being very effective if one has the time to do it.  I do lean towards thinking stimulants should be the last resort though. ADD is not a disease by the way, like diabetes..it's a disorder. ADD can not be proven via any clinical medical exam. The diagnosis is an educated guess based on a battery of tests..
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teacher4life, it's not the same as a child with diabetes (I often hear that argument).  The testing is subjective, not conclusive.  You can't draw blood and determine conclusively that a child has ADD/ADHD and then draw more blood to conclude whether or not the medication is working properly.  It would make this a lot simpler if you could, but you can't.  That, coupled with not being able to predict, within reason, the effects of the medication on the developing brain, or the potential long-term effects, leads to even more uncertainty and concern.

I'm wondering how many people get second or third opinions where this diagnosis is concerned.  Does anyone know if that is common?

All that said, everyone obviously needs to do what they feel is best for their children.
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I realize I am coming in here to a hostile conversation.  I think the judging of parents is a big part of the problem.  Some kids may not HAVE to be medicated, but every where you go people are judging your parenting skills based on the behavior of your child.  If we could all be a bit more supportive of each other, I think it would impower more parents to push through and avoid meds.
I have 4 boys and my 3rd is ADHD.  We held off on meds as long as we could, but he was a danger to himself and others.  He had NO impulse control.  No matter what the consequence, he would do exactly what was in his head.  Whether that was running in the street or hitting someone.  After losing him in a parking lot and having his brother get hit with a large stick and requiring stitches, we realized that he had a problem that would not be managed by behavior modification alone.  We are now able to get through to him.  Discipline actually works.
All that being said we HATE that he has to be on this.  We have kept him on the lowest possible dose.  I don't love my child any less that those who feel they have a grip on the situation with out meds.  I am not any better or worse parent.  I am simply doing what I feel is best for my son.  He is an amazing kid with a great zest for life.  I love him intensely with or with out meds.  I don't give him meds to make my life easier and I am optimistic that most parents don't either.  Like I said, his lack of impulse control was a serious situation.
I would love to hear what specific things people do to help their kids manage their behavior and impulses with out meds.  That would benefit all who read this.  Not coming to a place to find help and feeling judged yet again.
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having a child with adhd / autism and a brother with the same. i am concerned that people want to medicate their children with ritalin etc. can anyone tell me why they need to do this - as i have never felt the  need to.....

At the age of 4 my son with ADHD was excluded from reception after the second week..he had a full time statement from when he was 3 in nursery same school.

His next school told me when he was 7 he would have to leave that school also even wtih full time support.
The LEA and school wanted me to put my son in residental care, I was told I would be able to see him once a fortnight.on a weekend.
I asked for the chance of ritalin..No other school would take him.

that is the reason I felt I need to drug him up...and I hate myself for it.
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Dialogue is help, feedback is help, simply agreeing is not help,and no one is judging simply telling it as they see it .
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