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What are some symptoms of ADD/ADHD

What are the symptoms in an adult to look for ADD/ADHD?  I think my husband may have this.
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some of the symptoms can be inattentive ness not completeing tasks and not being able to sit still they could talk alot or find it hard to stay on task or on a certain subject
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Thank you for the information, although when he knows he has something to do he gets overwhelmed by the slightest things like cutting the lawn he gets mad if he wants to cut the lawn if it rains and if he has another task to do along with the lawn he gets unbearable.  He also curses to the point where I have to leave the room because the language he uses is absolutely horrible.  There is alot more .  Thanks for reading.
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I have recently been diagnosed with adult ADD... some of the signs are yes, procrastinating in doing routine mundane chores, starting projects & not following through or completing them, short attention span with activities, always late for apointments/job, forgetful, even weird stuff like putting the milk in the cupboard & the salt in the fridge for example.  Being impatient is another, changing jobs frequently too.  

A few of my ADD tendancies are: always standing when I have visitors come over...I dont sit. I dont cook much, because I get side-tracked & before I know it, I've ruined dinner.  I have lost jobs/always late etc.

Here is a link for symptom checklist:  


Good luck.
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wow now i practically know i have ADD/ADHD.i have almost all the symptoms if not all that you have.im 15 though.i always have chores to do when i get home but i ALWAYS forget (im not just trying to get out of them either).i find it hard to stay on task and i get uncomfertable when i try to sit still so i have to stand up and walk around.i even do that in class sometimes.i just say im getting water or something.it might be different for me since im 15 but idk.
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