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What are the symptoms for add??

What are the symptoms because I think I have it
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ADD symptoms are lack of attention.  cant remember things half the time.  most people that have add are very unorganized and they need a book to remind them of everyday things.  they are unable to follow directions excatly as follows. they only listen to half of what other people said due to lack of attention.   The doctor had told me the number one sign of  add is when you were a child going to doctors office if you spun around in the chair that spins you are most likely to have add or adhd. My daughter was diagnosed with adhd she is the calmest child i have i thought she had add but nope.  All my children including myself have adhd.  and I mean all 5 of us have it.  the meds actually do help you concentrate.   good luck
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I was just diagnosed with adult ADD....I spent about 2 hours with my psychartist as he explained every aspect of this disorder.  I was having problems keeping tasks organized at home and at work....i would forgget where i put things, I hated sitting down and doing any form of paperwoek, I am unable to read a book......At home my main peoblem my husband had with me was that if I were sitting at the computer desk or watching tv him or my children could be right beside me saying my name numerous times and I would ignore them, and the sychartist says this is the over focusing part of add.......also I ALWAYS finish peoples sentences before they do and I cannot stand authority figues atALL! I also love to talk and I usually get along with everyone but if you rub the the wrong way I will FLIP out on you and usually am very blunt with everything I say.........I went through alot of testing and he said the first few mins I had you in my room I could tell you had ADD.......everyone had different symptoms so Iwould go to your doctor if I were you......I was started on vyvanse and this has worked well for me by far!!! Good luck!
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