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What do you  do when you have the signs of ADHD and ADD and dont take anything but get into trouble and cant  stop gettin introuble when you want to stay right but your mind tells you different ? Im so depressed and mad  at myself for things I have done  and Things that are going on with court today ? So is it worth living when you might be facing 2 to 4 year  and cant finish school and have to live with orange suite in federal pen and why live when everyone thinks bad of you and the media distroys your life worse but posting on internet and papers and people then dont want to be a friend anymore  or even be a friend ? Also jobs why try everywhere they  wont hire you as a criminal and your past haunts you to the point why live ? So hope someone can change my mind with life but after jail I dont want to live anymore is what I feel .....
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I cannot judge and don't know your past - do know life is worth living tomorrow the sun will be shining a little bit brighter.  We learn form our actions and we come out better on the other side.  Everyone deserve a second chance and you deserve to give yourself a second chance.

Please ask for help - look for help and get out of this deep hole that's eating you alive.  There is always help it's just a matter of asking for it.

Take care of yourself - time heal all wounds
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Hi I will be your friend and I don't judge people. I know what your going through. My son is 12 with ADHD and he feels alot of the things you do. I had advice from my son's doctor not to put him on AddrellXR or any other ADHD medication. He was on it when he was 5 and I will never put him on it again. I seen first hand what the medication does to people. His doctor told me to put my son on fish oil tables and Vitamin C tables. He said that the tables will reverese the brain to act normal. He told me the people with ADD and ADHD have a lack of iron from not getting enough fish in their diet. The doctor saids it could take up to 3 to 4 months to see a difference in him, but it will be worth it to see my son get better without the hard drugs. You are welcome to write me when ever you want.
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