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Why can't I get my ADHD medication/s?

I live in Collier county, Florida and must have gone to just about every pharmacy in the county and not a one was able to fill my prescription for Adderall.  My psychiatrist even changed my prescription to Ritalin; still I am unable to obtain my medication.  My untreated ADHD is ruining my life.  I can't get to work on time,my impulsive behaviors and incessant talking are causing serious problems among my co-workers, I am so restless and my heart is beating so fast I feel like I'm on a jet plane going to nowhere.  Even my marriage is in jeopardy.  I've striggled with my condition since childhood.  My ADHD level is off the charts!  Really, I question if living in the state I'm now in is worth it.  I've tried all the ADHD medications there are and the only ones that offer me relief is Adderall or Ritalin.  And, now I can't seem to obtain either one.  It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've been off my medications and each day gets worse.  I've found an online pharmacy located in India that offers 20mg. Adderall for $10 per pill; but I am prescribed 60mg. per day.  I can't afford spending nearly $11,000 a year for my medication; yet I can't afford not having my medication.  I'm in a "Catch 22" situation.  Anyone else in such dire condition?  You think that these "shortages" are here to stay or what?
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I had the same problem a few months ago in Los Angeles.  It took 3 weeks for me to find them.  Yes, the shortages will continue.  

Don't try the online Pharmacy.  Most are scams.
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