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Why do you need Medicine for ADHD?

I am wondering why you need to have medicine for ADHD? can you handle ADHD without medicine??? I mean is the Medicine necessary?
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It depends on the situation and the severity of the patient.  There are many things you can try such as behavioral therapy (love it), vitamins (which I never had success with) and diet (ditto), "heavy work" (lots and lots of success for this), basic strategies in place to help the child thrive (some awesome books out there to support parents), etc.  

I'd certainly work with these things first to see if a child can be helped.  I'd also have my child under the care of a psychiatrist with a specialty in children and adolescents to help me navigate through.  If medication is necessary it would be as with other medical issues.  If there is a brain chemistry problem, the medicine helps resolve it and allows one to normalize.  I think all of the above things should be used WITH medication as well.

I'd hope that every parent educates themselves as much as possible about the disorder as well as any medicine their child is on.  (ps-----  my child does not take medication.  He has sensory integration disorder which medication does not work for.)
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Just wanted to add that the above is just my opinion, of course.
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thank you for posting .

Some Doctors and Parents and Teachers even Adults believe that drugs is the only way to help .

They don't really think that the bad side effects will happen to anyone in there family. I learned the hard way.

I don't think the Doctors do there jobs and check for everything they just say it has to be ADD ,ADHD and sometime Bipolar. And I wounder how many of these Doctors would give these drugs to there own Children?

There could be many reason why a child or an adult is having a hard time and the hole picture needs to be looked at.

I don't think anyone needs these drugs and I didn't think my son needed these drugs but his School Teacher did so I gave him to get her off our backs.And there are some Teachers who shouldn't be teaching .I feel quietly for letting her get to me and given these drugs to my son who then started to have Seizures.

There are many things that look like ADD OR ADHD AND Bipolar.Every one needs to do there work and look into them and ask around.To may people are Misdiagnosed these days and the drugs won't work and will only make things worse latter in life.

I find that Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 and a Children Multivitamin every day help my son ,so he can do his School work and learn better along with to very loving and caring Teachers .
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I just think there is a great imbalance of information here.  Those that are happy are a lot less likely to keep coming back to forums to talk of their success.  They are busy living their life.  I'm on this forum in particular because my son has something that looks like add/adhd but is treated in a different way.  I'd hope that I can help a family think of sensory as another option to look at for their child and get on the right path.  Unfortunately, all this forum ends up being is a bashing of drugs.  Not really helpful to families trying to understand their child in my opinion.  I wish some better information was exchanged.  
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I did want to add that I do agree that there is a fair amount of misdiagnosing that happens.  Lots of things are lumped into the add/adhd category that are not this disorder.  A parent must be very diligent about understanding what the problem is and the best ways to resolve it.  Sometimes it is parenting skills that need addressed, sometimes it is behavior alone that needs to be addressed, sometimes it is a mental health issue or other health issue, or an environmental issue.  Sometimes it is sensory integration disorder.  Sometimes it IS add/adhd and should be treated.  Good luck to all who has a child with challenges.
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   I would also like to add that there can be a huge difference in the ability of Doctors to detect and treat ADHD/ADD.  Some doctors like pediatric psychiatrists can specialize in ADHD/ADD.  Others, such as general MD's, may not have the experience or time to be as effective an option.
  In my opinion being able to handle ADHD without meds really depends on the age of the child, the severity of the case, the school support system, and the commitment of the parents to understand and show their child how to function with ADHD/ADD.  It may be that for a young child (maybe around 6), they might have to use meds until they are mature enough to use coping skills.  An older child might have a severe enough case that they are unable to function to the best of their ability in school and thus need meds until they leave the school setting. There are a lot of adults that still need the meds to function in everyday life.  And even if a child is on meds, the worst mistake a parent can make is to assume that now everything will be ok.  ADHD is a life long toil.  Without the proper training, life can still be very difficult for a child.  I could go on and on citing examples where it is necessary and where it is not.  
   The key is information!!!!!!!!     ADHD has been around long enough now that there is a ton of good scientific studies.  There are excellent books on the ADHD/ADD.  Each case is different.  It is when all are treated the same that problems arise.
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I agree with your last posting. I would add that the child should have a thorough physical examination, and that his diet should be checked for excessive sugar intake. I have seen the bad effects of high sugar on behavior.
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It depends, in some cases taking medications as a treatment for ADHD is quite effective some research shows that it's fast acting and well tolerated. Non-stimulants can also be effective as a treatment for adult ADHD.
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