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Why is my child misbehaving?

My son is 7 years old. He is very sweet and loving. Since he's been in school, he has been behind in learning. He has a really hard time concentrating and sitting still. He has some behavior issues but nothing too extreme. Some issues includes talking too much, getting out of his seat without permission, and not listening to instructions. We usually take away toys, electronics, or take away a fun activity. Lately he has been misbehaving more than usual. I have punished him and he disobeys my punishment. When I ask him why does he do it, he says he forgets. This is usually the excuse for anything. He is a good child and very creative, just does not know how to sit still or pay attention. I need help on the next steps on how I should discipline him or could it be a more serious issue. Anything that may help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, the first thing to realize is that to punish him for something that he has done at school - won't work.   To change behavior - you need consistent, immediate reinforcement.  And the key word is immediate (well, consistent is also pretty important).  You are punishing him hours after he has done something.  A child of this age can't connect the two things.   Only the school can deal with things that happen at school.   Now once he hits about 5th grade, then actions at home will have a greater chance of success.
   You need to deal with why this is happening, then you can provide the proper means to change his behavior.  Since you posted on an ADHD forum, ADHD must be going through your mind.  With good reason.  He is showing many of the symptoms.   And, if he does have ADHD, what you (and the school) are doing will only make things worse - as you are beginning to find out.
    I could not tell from your post if he is having the same problems at home.  That is pretty important to know.  Also, if he had these problems last year.  If this has only happened this year, that changes things.
    While I am waiting for you go get back to me on the above questions .....This is a good starting point for finding out about ADHD.   http://helpguide.org/articles/add-adhd/attention-deficit-disorder-adhd-in-children.htm
    And while I have a lot of very specific resources - you might want to check out his link ...http://www.additudemag.com/resource-center/adhd-parenting-skills.html
    Hope this helps, keep in touch!
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Yes that sounds to text book ADHD I would talk to their doctor about this and get him teste . My son who is five was doing the same exact things, it actually sounded lime you were talking about my son there for a minute lo . Just a little side now when he says I forgot he's telling the truth, there so much going on in his little brain he can't comprehend a lot he's being told. For now just tell him one thing at a time, when it comes yo other things like getting ready in the morning or for bed or cleaning his room go by a check list if not he won't be able to follow or retain all of it in his little mind at one time. But yes I def think he has ADHD and needs to be tested and diagnosed officially so you guys can decide which form of treatment is best for him.
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