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Wondering about behavior

My daughter is about to turn 5 next month. She is the only child and I am a single parent, who is a full time student. We just moved to Houston, TX in June of last year and she started a new all day Preschool. From day one, I explained to the teacher that she had just moved away from everyone she has ever known and her dad. This was a new school and a new experience for her. I told the teacher that she is a very smart child, very talkative, and very busy..so she is going to always have to have something to do. I told her that she might even need to make her teachers pet. The teacher gave me the impression that she understood the situation and that she would work with my daughter. As the semester went on, I got called up to the school for every little thing. They put her on a behavior plan, that didn't work. She has came home every week since school started with an N in conduct. Basically, from the things that I told the teacher in the beginning. She has to be told more than one time to do something, she talks out in class, she can't sit still, she loses interest in her activities, she taps her pencil, sits back in her chair, and bothers the other students. Here lately she has been having emotional outbursts. She has also started hitting back in school. The way I explain it to people is that I am getting the terrible twos at 4. I don't understand it..it is like my child went to school and got worse. She is fine at home with me. She does the normal 5 yr rebellion where she gets stubborn and pouts. But, I end that real quick. I have tried the spankings..but she forgets the reason why she got the spanking 5 min later. I have tried time out...but she sits in the corner and talks to herself for the time she is there. I have tried taking things away from her..but since she has a very active imagination she can play with absolutely nothing at all and enjoy herself. So, I am at a loss.
I don't want her to be labeled as a "bad child" for the rest of the school life. She is not a bad, she is very mannerable, respectful, and eager to please. I have watched her here at home and she shows all the signs and symptoms of a child that has ADHD. Her grandmother on her dads side is bipolar and her dad has ADHD. On my side..I think I might have it and I know my brother has it. So, I tam going to get her evaluated at the end of this month by her pediatrian.

In the meantime does anybody have any advice on dealing with her behavior?
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