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Worried that 3 year old son has adhd!

I have a 3 year old son who's behaviour has got worse over the last year! He constantly moving around talking climbing on thing, barking at people in the street and walking on all fours(sounds funny)! swearing constantly,Dose not listen to anything anyone says, hitting out, tantrums over nothing arguing, running on the roads when he has been holding my hand his sleep has began to change as well he used to go to bed at 7pm now he can still be up at 12 am full of energy even though he gets up at 6.30 am. since he was 18 months I did the naught spot and reward chart but now he just laughs when I put him in to time out! I don't shout and stay firm but really don't no what to do. Seen a doctor and he said this was typical 3 year old behaviour. Which I no this is not normal even family members have commented on my child. My sister is a child practitioner and even she said this is not normal for a 3 year old! I just don't no what to do now?
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I don't know many mothers of boys who don't think that their son has ADHD.  My son just turned four last week, and he is a constant ball of energy.  Most days I feel like I can't keep up.  I can say that reading books about raising sons has made me feel better since it seems like so many women share this same problem.  It seems stupid to say, but boys are just different!!!  One thing I will say is that I believe it is in their nature to be that way and not always a sign of ADHD.  Take care, and hopefully this helps.
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A diagnosis of ADD is never (or should never) be given to a three year old. Why is he up and around at midnight? Even if he doesn't sleep, stick him in his bedroom. Ignore him more. Stick cotton in your ears when he has a tantrum. Walk away from him when he yells.

And get someone to take over for you a few hours each week. You will develop a better perspective if you spend time away from him.
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