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about a girl with adhd

my partner and myself recently took our 7 and half year old daughter to see some doctor to be tested for adhd. My eldest son is 18 and was diagnosed at age 9. he wasn't showing any signs at school until just over age of 9 but was unbearable at home and when out shopping or at my friends homes. i have been told by this doc that it always comes out in school before the age of seven which much be untrue as it wasn't with my son. I recently read somwhere on the internet on a sight about adhd that alot of kids are good at keeping it together at school and thus letting rip when they get home. it's so frustrating as our 3 year old daughter that was borne premature is also showing signs but they have already picked up on her behaviour at nursery due to temper tantrums and slight aggression the doctor she sees at the hospital due to having suffered from feveral convulsions since age of one year has noted that she is hyper active and has lack of concentration andhas written a letter about this for the nursery and doctors surgery. However there is adhd in my partners family as his cousin was diagnosed with it recently and his brother has it also. i had to go private for my son's diagnosis as the local health proffessionals were not taking into account what i was saying. This doctor we saw recently woulkdn't look me in the eye when i asked him certain questions he just kept saying that our daughter didn't have any mental illness and that her behaviour was due to past cercumstances and saying that we should go on more parenting groups for managing behavour. We have done all that and it is useless. We are contimplating going to a private specialist as we feel that our daughter is not geting the help she needs and therefore when she reaches secondry school age when the work is harder she will find it more difficult to concentrate and start to rebell.
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    trying to figure out her symptoms, but kind of get mixed up between her and the 3 year old.   But I do get the feeling that the doctor did not even bother to do the typical questionnaire with her teachers?
    Essentially, The ADHD or ADD is going to have to be noticeable at home and at school.  It may be too late in the school year for you to get something going there, but I would definitely request testing  - O shoot, you live in England.  I don't really know how they do things over there - but from what I have seen from past posters - You may want to go the private route.
   I do have lots of different web sites or books I can recommend if you need more information.   And yes, if she does have ADHD - the sooner that is recognized and treated (several options here) the better it is for her.
  Best wishes.
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thanx for the reply. the 3 year old has already been recognised as having adhd by nursery and docs so hopefully she will get the help she needs when the time comes as they won't prescribe drugs for under 5's i'm told. Our 7 year old is suffering as she isn't behaving badly in school altho she is well behind in her work and needing special help. My son is now 18 and managing his more altho his obsessional behaviour is quite bad at min. He wasn't showing signs at school until age of 9 and half. Most girls don't get diagnosed until secondary school when 12 or over because that's when it seems to show at school as the work is harder and homework compulsery.
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  ya, you would think the doctors could connect the dots.  It is hard for kids with ADD to get diagnosed.  Its usually the hyper little boys who get noticed.  This is one of the few web sites I have found that deals with the symptoms of ADD, so it is worth checking out - http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_signs_symptoms.htm
   And these are some good strategies for helping a child at school -
   hope this helps a bit.

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