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Is it possible to grow out of ADD?
I was diagnosed wig ADD at 7 years old, and ny mom stopped my meds because they were basically harming me. People have told me that you can grow out of it, and others say its always going to be with you.
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     Everything I have read says that it will be with you forever.  However, you learn to compensate - or self medicate.  A very good site for adult ADD is totallyadd.com.  It sounds like you  really need more info on ADD and this site has tons.  I will always be glad to answer your questions too.
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A while ago it was believed that everyone outgrows their ADD but closer evaluation has shown this is not true.I have however have heard of some that do say that it is possible to outgrow your ADD. But as Sandman has said many have just learnt to develop coping mechanisms to help them compensate.
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I don't think you out grow the ADD/ADHD but with age and maturity learn to deal with it better.  I think this is really on an individual basis.  It depends on what you are doing in life as to whether it interupts your path.  I believe you can go to ADD/ADHD.com and it has a questionnaire as to whether it has gone from childhood to adulthood and is causing any problems.  Read about it and see what you think.  Goodluck!
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